Sunday, August 15, 2010

TMI post

Warning: A poop story. Don't read if you're offended by poop talk. 

I am cracking up right now!! Peyton would not appreciate this if she was old enough to be embarrassed, but here goes...

Peyton hates pooping. She would run around the house in her diaper and it would take her hours to go. When we started potty training she would sit on the potty, cry and ask to get down. It was really sad, but wether she had a diaper on or was sitting on the potty it was a struggle, so we'd just make her sit there until she went. Anyway, she has been doing a lot better, and she does it rather quickly now. She was running around the house saying she had to go potty, so I asked Cory to put her on the potty. He hasn't been home while she's had to poop in a while, so he thought she was going to be sitting there struggling for a bit, so he told her he was going to get her a book. I told him she didn't need a book, and she doesn't have to do all the things he likes doing. He insisted that she needed some entertainment, so he got her a book, and took it to her, and she dropped the biggest sounding poop in the toilet. He handed her the book, and she asked him to read it to her as she was sitting there pooping and farting... I can tell he isn't breathing through his nose while he is reading her the book. hahaha...  Should have listened to me. :)

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Steph said...

Hahahaha! Two year olds can drop some mad dueces! Thanks for the story, it made my evening much better:)