Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snow Fun

A little snow fun.



Ollie. Isn't she the cutest!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ten on tuesday

1. Our seats got changed and Cory and I are no longer sitting next to each other on the plane. :( Since Peyton is a lap baby I can only sit on the left side because of the extra oxygen masks. Pray that they are able to find two seats together once we get to the airport or that someone will switch with Cory!!

2. Peyton is in a screaming mood today. Not a crabby, crying scream... a loud joyful scream. I imagine it's only the beginning of high pitched squeals. My ears are bleeding already from the thought of slumber parties.

3. We didn't get called to pick up Peyton from the nursery last Sunday. I didn't notice anyone's number come up on the screen though. I'm thinking it was either broken or they wanted everyone to have the chance to take communion. She was crying when I dropped her off, and crying when cory went to pick her up. :/ She looked super cute though!

I love her hair in pigtails, and I love this dress on her!

These pictures were taken after church, and after lunch, so she looks a little scraggily.

I know the picture quality is terrible, but I wanted you to see her in her cute dress and cowboy boots.

I still need to work on getting her pigtails even, and a cute part in the back. I'm not working with much hair though, and she cries while I do it. :( No pain, no beauty, right?

4. I love Peyton's wagon! I just walked to Walgreens with her and Jaida, and was able to pick  up a few things for our trip.

5. I hate packing. It's so hard trying to decide what you'll actually need. We have to pay for every single piece of luggage, so I'm going to try to pack as little as possible.

6. Peyton loves her pack n' play. I tried to do a time-out in there, and she didn't want to come out. :/ I don't think it was very effective.

7. Today hasn't asked to watch a movie today. It's only 12:30pm, but she usually asks to watch one as soon as she wakes up.

8. Peyton is a climbing machine these days. She still can't make her way up on to the couch yet.

9. My house looks like a disaster. I have presents, clothes, craft supplies, diapers and toys everywhere! Speaking of diapers, Peyton loves her Luvs because they have Blue's Clues on them. She carries them all over the house... and leaves them all over the house.

10. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Peyton Funnies

Peyton has a little elmo that talks. She likes it when he says "la la la la", but when he says "yahoowie" it freaks her out. I usually leave it turned off, but tonight I turned it on, and he said "yahoowie", so she grabbed it, put it in her tent, said bye, and walked away. It was SO funny!

Peyton asks to watch movies all day long. We usually limit her tv time to one dvd a day. I am constantly telling her to put them back. Yesterday she brought me a movie and said, "put back?".

Peyton had already reached her tv time x2, so when she brought me a movie I told her no. So she went and asked Cory, and not realizing I had already said no, he told her yes. She said "thank you", and went in sat in her bouncer. I swear she had a smirk on her face! Yes, Cory and I definitely need to work on being on the same page all of the time or we are in trouble. They work it young!

Peyton has learned how to climb up on the coffee table. I turned around to see her dancing on it the other day. :/

If we sing the Veggie Tales theme song Peyton will either say "bonk" at the end or do a fake laugh like the kids do.

On our way home from church today I asked Peyton what she wanted to eat, and she said, "french fries". It's funny how most kids love french fries. She's a big fan of ketchup too. I suppose it's a staple for kids.

I just love her.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Gave Her Both

This morning Peyton asked for a cookie and a hat. I gave her both. :) I did draw the line at the candy cane though.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Box and Crazy Hair

joshua and peyton playing in a pampers box.

And one of Peyton playing with her precious moments nativity scene the other night. I love how she stood baby Jesus up.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ten on tuesday!

1. Peyton has a cold and a double ear infection. :( Poor girl. It's no fun having a sick baby.

2. Today is going to be a movie watching day.

3. She's almost outgrown her bouncer. :)

Wearing her new outfit from Nana and Grandaddy.

poor sick little eyes. Even in her sickness she requested two "bows".

4. Her ear drops were $125.00, and I can't even give them to her by myself, so she only gets pain relief at night. Boo! I'm sure the mortin is helping some. But for 125 dollars I'd like her to have relief all day! Maybe I'll figure something out.

5. It's amazing how warm the high 50s and low 60s feel in the winter.

6. On Saturday night Cory and I saw Invictus with Tyler and Caroline. I liked it. Cory and I haven't been to the movies since last Thanksgiving. It was nice.

7. Saturday we celebrated Christmas with Cory's family. Like all major events, I didn't take many pictures.

Riding in her new wagon that she got from Grampy and GG. She loves it. Isn't it the coolest wagon ever?!

Here's a really good picture of Cory and Tyler. ha!

8. Thursday and Friday are my last days watching Josh. He is going to start going to a center.

9. Live, Learn and then get Luvs. We found another diaper that doesn't give Peyton a rash. Yay! Luvs are a lot cheaper than pampers.

10. Everything I've given Peyton to eat or drink she has thrown across the room. :( I really hope she starts feeling better. I don't want her to get dehydrated.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Splashin' in the Puddles

Peyton found a puddle in the driveway. She had a lot of fun stomping in it.

"Alright, Peyton, it's time to go."

"Come here."

thanks for obeying. :/

She decided to turn around and come back. :)

She looks thrilled about her choice, doesn't she?

"cheese" For real! I started cracking up. In the past I've told her to say cheese while taking pictures to keep her attention. Today she saw the camera and without prompting said "cheese". Love her! Aren't her little dimples the cutest!

I know this one is really blurry, but it makes me smile.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

She Insisted

Peyton loves to play with her bows. She loves to take them out of her little jar and put them back in and close the lid. This afternoon she kept bringing me bows to put in her hair.

The final product.

After I took this picture I showed it to her, and she started giggling. I love that she is so silly already.