Friday, November 2, 2012

10 on friday!

1. Today is day one of potty training Noah. Potty training is probably my least favorite part of being a parent. Its just so gross and frustrating. It makes for some good pictures though.

He doesn't like the potty ring, but doesn't mind falling in. ha.

I hardly remember her this little.

2. I took our Christmas card pictures the other night. Trying to get a good picture of the kids together is not fun. I keep waiting for Noah to love the camera like Peyton, but I don't think its going to happen. I'm not going to share the picture yet, but here is one of Annie. I was never a fan of her breed, but I think she looks pretty cute in this picture.

3. Our "thankful tree". Peyton loves it. So far Noah is thankful for trucks and cars. Peyton is thankful for mommy and daddy, and the squirrel on the tree. ha. Most of the thankful trees that I've seen have a bare tree and then add a leaf each day. My tree making skills aren't so great, so it looks pretty hideous bare. We're keeping our leaves on, and just writing something we are thankful for each day.

This is Peyton being a squirrel. ha.

4. A couple of trick or treating pictures.

5. I'm pretty sure I have the slowest walking children ever. It took us a million hours to go to about 15 houses. Half way through our evening we met up with one of Peyton's friends that lives across the street, so that was fun for her.

6. Peyton's little halloween party at school:

She was chomping.

Peyton and her best buddy at school.

A little parade around church. She was the last one out of each classroom and office because she wanted to tell everyone that she was Bruce from Finding Nemo, and that "fish are friends, not food!"

Impossible to get all the kids happily looking at the cameras. ha.

7. I'm sad about the time change. Its no fun when you have little kids. Less light in the evenings, and earlier mornings.

8. Did I mention that Peyton kissed her friend from school because "he is so cute"?

9. We got Noah a twin bed. He kept falling out of his converted crib. I found his head underneath it with his legs sticking out crying hysterically in the middle of the night. He loves his bed. He was doing pretty good at taking naps at first. It only lasted a week. Then he learned how to open his closet and get all of his toys out. :( so sad. He knocks out in 2 seconds at bed time though. I can't remember if I mentioned that we took his pacifier away. I just wanted to throw that out there because I know I'll never be able to remember when he stopped using it.

10. Peyton developed a fear of the dark last week... or the week before. ha. My memory isn't so good these days. I'm not sure if it was all the halloween stuff or what, but she started freaking out over shadows. So we moved Annie's crate into her room, and got her a lamp. It seems to have done the trick.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

We carved pumpkins yesterday, and by we I mean Cory and I carved pumpkins. ha. Noah loved it and tried to get all of the "guts" out, but I don't think he managed to scrape any out. He did enjoy gnawing on the pieces that Cory cut out. ha. Peyton was bouncing off the walls with excitement, but did not enjoy scraping her pumpkin at all. I made her scoop it out once.

are you serious face... getting ready... here I go...

so grossed out! haha! She only got one tiny little seed out.

Loving it!

The first one is Noah's pumpkin. When we asked him what he wanted he just kept saying "Noah". So Cory drew and carved Noah's face. It must have been exactly what he wanted because he was thrilled! The second pumpkin is Peyton's. She chose that picture out of the little book we got with our carving tools. I had the pleasure of carving it for her, and it took forever! The third pumpkin is Cory's Totoro creation. The last one is "mine". Noah picking the pumpkin out, and Peyton drew the puppy face for me.

So there it is. Pumpkin carving 2012.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

pumpkin patch 2012

She got stuck so she decided to hop over. ha.

Noah wanted Cory to ride with him the second time. ha.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"new" rooms for the kids

I decided to separate the kids. Mostly because I was itching for change, but also a little bit because some nights they talk to each other forever, and I really need them to get sleep since Peyton has so many activities in the morning. 

Noah stayed in the small room, and Peyton moved to the playroom. 

The dresser is now where Peyton's bed used to be.

 His crib stayed in the same place, but we removed the front rail. I think we're going to get him a twin bed for Christmas. 

 This is the most frustrating storage unit. It all just snaps together pretty easily, but that also means that it unsnaps pretty easily too. I'm thinking about moving it into his closet because instead of taking a nap today he decided to play with everything. I would go in and check on him, and he would run to his bed and say,"lay down". ha. I am not ready for him to give up his naps yet!

We moved Peyton's kitchen into Noah's room because there wasn't any space in her room. Noah plays with it more than she does anyway.

I had a really hard time with Peyton's room because of the bookcase. It's anchored to the wall, so there was no moving it.

There's a bunch of random things up there right now.
 I took off the orange and pink comforter and put it in her closet. She used to have this quilt at the end of her bed, I was ready for change so on it went. My grandma knitted the blanket at the end of her bed.

Ghetto bulletin board that falls down all of the time, and her keyboard that I really wish she would let Cory teach her how to play. She'd rather just dance to the songs in the song bank. 

I just threw what we already had in their rooms, and plan on slowly decorating them.  I've been a pinning fool getting ideas for their rooms. I know I definitely want to go with something nautical for Noah. I'm just not sure if I want to do navy or a lighter blue, orange or red or grey. I've been on the hunt for rugby bedding, but everything I've seen online is either super expensive or discontinued. I love the look of these room's for Noah, and have a bunch of nautical accessories that I love, and have pinned. 

I love these old crates on casters.  

I'm not sure which direction I'm going to go in for Peyton's room. I was thinking about getting her a desk or vanity for Christmas, but I'm not sure where I would put it. I also want to get her a bed frame. 

I love this, and am thinking about doing something similar.

I know I want to replace the bulletin board with this. I just need to go to the thrift store, and find a big frame.

Peyton has a billion stuffed animals and I know she would love this...
I'm pretty sure Cory could easily make it. I'd probably paint it to add a little more color in her room since I don't want to paint. 

So that's what's been going on the last couple of days. boom goes the dynamite.