Thursday, August 5, 2010

Peyton is Two!!

I honestly don't remember much about the day Peyton was born, and I hardly remember her turning a year, so I thought it would be smart to post about her turning 2.

Last night Cory and I put Peyton to bed wearing a birthday shirt, and said goodnight to our one  year old for the last time. We then made cupcakes, wrapped presents, hung a birthday sign, blew up balloons, and talked about how excited we were about it being her birthday in the morning. 

This morning we filled her room with balloons, and greeted her with a cupcake while singing happy birthday. She didn't want to blow out her candles, and was very hesitant to open up her presents. She devoured her cupcake though. :) She spent the morning with Cory while I went to my doctor's appointment. They read books, played with her new laptop, and watched 101 Dalmatians. Cory said they didn't watch much because she kept wanting him to fast forward it because she kept saying, " I don't like that part". 

Cory headed to work, and Peyton had dinosaur chicken, french fries, and a banana for lunch. :)  She watched a little bit of Peter Pan, and headed to bed with her birthday card from Auntie Laiena, Uncle Greg, Ty and Hunter. She loved that sang "if you're happy and you know it".

Our afternoon consisted of a 3 hour nap, playing with balloons, playing in the piles of her old clothes that I'm going through, going through baby toys, and sucking on pacifiers. :) A little bit of book reading, lap top and doll house playing. Cantaloupe and quesadillas for dinner. 

There it is. 

So what is Peyton up to at 2 years old?

She is potty trained!!! I'm so proud of her. She still wears a pull up or diaper during nap and bedtime, but will sometimes wake up dry from her nap. I probably won't buy anymore pull ups or diapers for her once this pack is gone, but we've got two months. 

She is finally starting to get into babies. yay! I hope she likes her brother! She loves her little doll house babies, and like to feed her stuffed animals and give them rides in her little stroller.

She can pretty much talk in full sentences. She just recently started saying, "I don't like that" instead of just "don't like that". She usually talks in 3rd person. 

She isn't super coordinated so she is just learning how to take her socks off, put on slip on shoes, and pull her shorts up and down. 

Her well check isn't for a couple more weeks, so I don't know how tall she is. Last week at my dr's appointment the nurse weighed her, and she was 26 pounds. She is still rear facing in her car seat, but we plan on switching her when we instal Noah's car seat... if I don't have an anxiety attack over it. :) 

She still knows her shapes and colors. :) She sings lots of songs: ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wonder Pets theme song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Mr. Golden Sun, Willaby Wallaby... those are the only ones I can think of right now. 

She loves Lightening Mcqueen and Mater. She also likes Care Bears and My Little Ponies. 

I'd say her favorite movies are Cars, Toy Story, Bugs Life, and Ponyo

She is a picky eater, and I have to hide all her veggies. She pretty much likes all fruit except pineapple. She is a big water drinker, and loves milk. She loves Life cereal and asks for it every morning. Chicken nuggets, and ground beef in spaghetti is pretty much all she will eat as far as meat goes. Sometimes she will eat chicken that isn't in the form of a nugget or strip. 

I guess that wraps it up. 


Krista said...

Happy birthday, pretty POBSicle!

Steph said...

I love the details about Miss P. She's the coolest two year old I know! Happy Birthday little one!