Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 yr well check

Today Peyton had her 2 year well check. It was not fun. She cried about everything, and would not talk to the nurses or doctor. She gave everyone dirty looks. Maybe she was in a bad mood because she had to get up early or hadn't had breakfast or maybe it was because she remembered getting shots at her 18 month appointment. Whatever it was I'm just glad it's over. 

I had to hold her and stand on the scale because she refused to d it on her own. That was really fun seeing the number so high. yikes.

She weighs 26 lbs something ounces. I don't remember. She is the 50th percentile for weight.

She is 35 inches tall. 75th percentile

I don't remember what her head was, but it's growing just fine. ha. 

She had to get her finger pricked, but she actually didn't mind that. She didn't cry, and really liked her tweety bird bandaid. Of course she didn't tell the nurse that she liked it, but as soon as we left she kept telling me how cute it was. She also had to get a Hep A shot. She was not happy about that, and was not pleased with her bandaid either. 

She pushed and kicked when the doctor listened to her back and chest, and checked her ears, and she refused to open her mouth.

Even though she was difficult to deal with it was a good appointment because she is completely healthy, so hooray for that. She doesn't have to go back until she is 3, hopefully she doesn't get sick throughout the year. 

Of course, we'll be there often anyway because baby Noah with have to go every couple of months. I'm sure taking a newborn and toddler is going to be TONS of fun. :/ Maybe Peyton will be happy when she realizes that she is going to be checked out. 



Steph said...

Sorry it was a hard one:(

Krista said...

Boo for it being hard, but just think... in about three weeks you'll be going back for Noah's first visit!

Erica said...

oh don't you love those hard days? i think she may sense the changes coming... i swear sean did even though he didn't fully understand. i was sooo nervous to take both kids to the dr at the same time at first but you def get used to it

The Stachurskis said...

It's not fun when they don't cooperate. H was so good at Dr. appts until this last week (not looking forward to his 18 mos). I can't believe that my 16mo old is heavier than your 2 year old! ha ha ha! I have a fatty for a child. :) It's not THAT bad taking an infant and a toddler to the doc. I mean, strollers are your best friend.