Thursday, October 29, 2009

pure joy...

Last weekend I took Peyton out to a nearby wheat weed field for a little photo shoot. Bubbles+the words"run, run, run"= pure joy.

Maybe I'm a bit biased, but she is the most adorable little girl in the entire world! Her dimples are too much, oh my goodness, so cute!!!






If you have a toddler you know that their emotions change rather quickly. In her defense, it was dinner time, I did say, "come on let's go", she said, "up", and I kept putting the camera in her face.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10 on Tuesday.

1. My daughter is a genius. Seriously, she is so smart. This morning she was eating breakfast, and I was in another room, and she was being really quiet so I went to check on her. She had her milk cup upside down in her lap, and she was just staring at it. Then she looked up at me and said, "circle", and then pointed to the polk dots on her pajamas, and said, "circle". I was so, so impressed, and very excited. I brought her in the playroom and handed her her shape sorter. ha. I always point out circles to her because she can say the word, but I didn't know she actually understood what it was, and could find them on her own. Maybe she's not a genius, but I was very impressed and quite proud!

2. I'm bummed out that the Angels didn't make it to the World Series. Go Phillies!

3. Peyton is "reading" a book right now, and she called a palm tree a flower. so maybe... ha.

4. Last week was so long, and the weekend went by way too fast.

5. Publix subs are my favorite!

6. The Biggest Loser is on tonight! I can't wait to see what drama unfolds. ha. I really do love the show. It's very inspiring. I don't know why I am always eating something unhealthy while I watching it though.

7. Peyton seems to be feeling much better. yay!

8. It's so funny to look back at pictures of Peyton, and see her fuzzy head with a bow in it. ha. Remember when I used to clip them in the back of her head. haha.


9. A year ago:



10. Today







Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Tired of Waiting.

I've been dying to post pictures of Peyton is her halloween costume. I had a really hard time with these. She did not want to sit still for a minute, and every time I'd squat down she come over for a hug. I'd stand/sit her on the seamless run back and try to get a few shots before I was standing face to face with her. And my seamless is destroyed. :( oh well.

This is the best one. I'm going to try again though.


Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yesterday Holly, Daniel and Tony came over. We planned on watching the Angels dominate the Yankees but the game got rained out. :(

We decided to go to the park and have our own little baseball game.

Walking to the soccer field.


IMG_3473 copy

Holly and Juneau.


Notice her hand?

full hand



We were only at the park for like 10 minutes before we were told the dog could not be on the fields. Oh well, so much for an evening of baseball. We went home and found other ways to amuse ourselves. Tony cutting our grass with Cory's sword...nice.




Holly and Daniel.


Sporting her Angels' jacket... too bad the game was cancelled.


Tony cooking turkey burgers.



Juneau giving Dargan a kiss.


We had fun even though baseball didn't work out. We ended up watching Mr. Holland's Opus. An inspirational film is always a good time. I had a lot of fun playing with Juneau, Holly and Daniel's husky, but now I know I do not want a puppy for a very long time.... super cute, but a lot of work!

The Angels are playing tonight... hoping for a win!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Explaination

The pictures of Peyton I posted yesterday were from last Saturday. I was trying to get a picture of her and her Grampy for his blog. Peyton did not want any part of it. In fact, Peyton was pretty much a crab the entire weekend. Cory took her to the doctor on Monday, and the poor girl has a double ear infection, and a little cold. :(  I feel so bad for her, but I am glad that she made it 14 and half months without being sick. The pedi told Cory that one ear looked like the infection had just started, and the other looked like it had been there awhile. :( oops. What causes an ear infection? In addition to Peyton's fussy self I did something to my neck on Tuesday, and it is killing me. Seriously the worst pain ever. I wish I could get an epidural. Needless to say , these last few days have not been fun. I'm just glad Peyton loves her medicine. I'd so much rather have to console a teary child for telling them "all done" after a dose of their medicine than trying to force it down their throat. So far there hasn't been any screams or tears shed from Peyton today, yay. Hopefully she's back to her joyful self and her appetite will return soon. I'm not sure that graham crackers provide enough nutrition for a growing toddler.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Are you kidding me with this cuteness?!?!?!

Today was/is the first cold fall day of 2009! I was so excited that Peyton could wear her new beanie, which meant a photo shoot opportunity for me. :) Love it! Her little round face looks so cute in hats. She didn't seem to notice the change in temperature. She "ran" down the driveway, picked flowers, kicked a ball, and was happy to just be outside. She has so  much personality. I can't wait to see what kinds of things she'll be interested in. Will she want to play sports, or dance, will she have a good singing voice, will she want to play the piano, will she want to do gymnastics, or will she like to read and write??? Will she want to do it all? I can't wait to see, and I'll be her biggest cheerleader, taking pictures :) and cheering her on in whatever she decides.

Right now she is suppose to be sleeping. I have no idea what she's doing in her crib, but I can hear her talking, fake laughing, and singing "e i e i o"... she does have two stuffed animals in there.










Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ten on tuesday

1. Yesterday Peyton was in a really angry mood. She wasn't whiny or fussy, she was just mad. It wasn't the entire day, but all through out the day. When she woke up from her first nap she didn't want me to talk to her, and every time I said, "good girl" she would hit something or try to hit me.  Though I thought it was hilarious I didn't let her know. I'm quite certain that it wouldn't be hilarious in a couple of years.

2. She's very happy today.

3. I'm now watching a 2 1/2 year old little boy a couple of days a week.

4. This morning Peyton got her soccer ball off the shelf all by herself and started kicking it. I'm so proud.

5. At this very moment Peyton is spinning in circles.

6. I have a ton of pictures I want to print, so many favorites. This is a favorite.


7. I love that Peyton hums while she dances.

8. Digory has a new home. We had an ad on craigslist for 3 weeks, we got a lot of calls, but no one ever actually came to see him. No one we knew wanted him, so Cory took him to the pound on saturday. He asked that they please call us if he didn't get adopted. They called a few hours later letting us know that Dig had already been adopted! Wow! I'm so happy for him. I do miss him at times, but he was bored here, and not getting the attention that he needed. Life for me is much calmer. Daragan doesn't seem to miss him at all. They also told us where the people lived. It's a country town where most of the houses have a lot of land. I'm pretty sure he is having a ton of fun, running around, chasing quail. So there is our dirty laundry. We had to take our dog to the pound. Judge if you must, but it really was the best thing for him and our family.

9. I always get stuck on number 9 even when I haven't done a "10 on Tuesday" in weeks.

10. How about one more Tinkerbell picture


Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin patch

We went to Old Baker's Farm on Saturday. We had a lot of fun despite the puddles, mud, and drizzle. Peyton's new boots are covered in mud, but it was still totally worth it.

Last year we went to the same pumpkin patch with Hillary, Steph and Aimee, but we never made it through the entrance. Paying $10 for a hayride, corn maze, petting zoo, and pumpkin that couldn't fly back with our friends didn't seem worth it... especially with a 2 month old in tow. We did stop in front of the corn fields to take pictures though. I'm so glad we did take those pictures because it's so fun to compare them to this year.



::sigh:: How fast a year comes and goes...


We are loving this age though! I love watching Peyton explore the world around here.

First we stopped for a ride on the little tractors.


Can you see the white specks all over the picture? It's rain, but just little baby rain, not enough to ruin our fun.


Then we stopped to pet the horses, though i think this one is a mule.




Then we headed to the barn to pet some bunnies, and chickens... or so we thought. Peyton was not a fan. Is it weird that I think it's great that Peyton doesn't like to touch or have animals touch her? ha.


The geese were so loud, and made Peyton cry. I don't blame her for being freaked out, geese are nuts and will jack your food in the park.


Can you tell how much she loved the pig? Ha. She humored us though, and made the sound that the pig made when we asked her.


Waiting for the hay ride.





A perfect little set up to take pictures while you wait for the hayride. Too bad she wouldn't look at me. There were too many people for me to jump around acting like a fool.



This is probably my favorite picture from the day. I love them.



A real patch.







Such a good daddy, wiping of the dirt.


Peyton doesn't approve, she still sees mud on her hands. ha.



I bet you all wish you could have sloshed through this.


So proud that she took her clip out of her hair.


Next stop was climbing a huge haystack.


This farm was seriously amazing. There were so many great places to take pictures. It's so hard for me to balance enjoying the time with my family, and trying to have a photo shoot. I never got the picture I was hoping to get in front of this barn. There's always next year...





Another look at the horses.


A horse swing that was made out of a tire, so cool!


Doesn't she look so bored?


Apparently she was having a lot of fun...let it out...


Look at that lip.


All is right in the world again when water is involved.


So freaking cute! They had just finished bottle feeding the calves. Do you see the milk on his snout?


The dog took care of cleaning the milk off their faces.







On our way out we stopped at the little tractors again.


Then we stopped at the big tractor.


Lastly, a water break before getting in the car.