Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 on tuesday!

1. Happy birthday, GG!

2. My aunt sent Peyton a Target gift card for her birthday so Cory and I took her shopping on Saturday. After spending an hour in the toy section she finally chose something. I wanted to see if they had any new shoes out, so we headed over there, and Peyton spotted some sparkly silver shoes. We let her try them on, and she did not want to take them off. We ended up leaving the store with a lightening mqueen lunch box, a dora cup, and sparkly silver shoes. :) 

3. Peyton says "fix it" like "fisk it". She also says, "I'll be right back" like "i wight back".

4. Peyton went almost 2 weeks without an accident. She broke her streak last night when she laid next to me and peed on the couch! ick.

5. 85 degrees is way too hot at 8:30 am. 

6. Publishers Clearing House please come knock on my door.

7. For a list lover, and future planner having your house up for sale is no fun.

8. I love that Peyton understands naming her stuffed animals. She has a black dog named Daragan, a little golden retriever named Eli, a pink giraffe named Princess Ada, and an orange giraffe named Flick. She named them all herself. :)

9. I really hope Peyton wants to take dance. I showed her videos on youtube last night of 2&3 year olds dancing, and I asked her if she could dance like them, and she totally copied all of these moves. I started tearing up. HA! Oh pregnancy...

10. A video of us waking up Peyton on her birthday. Sorry about the quality I don't know why it's so bad.


Steph said...

So cute! I love that she said "i don't like that part." I also love that she got a cupcake for breakfast!

Krista said...

I love it! She's cute, and she has awesome morning hair.