Friday, October 31, 2008

Our little Stinker

Peyton is obviously thrilled about being dressed up as a skunk.

And one of me.

My two loves

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For some reason I can't get the pictures I took to upload. I'll try again tomorrow.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Playing with her friends

Milca, Shawn and the kids came over for dinner on Saturday. We hadn't really hung out with them since Peyton has been born and it was so different. Ha. We spent most of the time juggling babies. Well, Cory and Shawn got to play tennis...

Aryana, Angel and Peyton. They all look the same size. Ha! Aryana is 18 months, Angel is 6 months and Peyton is almost 3 months.

Jose wanted her to take a picture with Optimus Prime.
And Iron Man.
Getting a love tap from Aryana.
She already loves being read too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pretty Dress

Peyton's great Uncle Steve and Aunt Ruth bought her a really, pretty fancy dress, so I thought I'd do a little photo shoot in it this morning. So here is Peyton 11 weeks and 2 days. : ) Her eyebrows become one when she is pushing herself up. Ha!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A couple traveling pictures

I thought we were going to have a great flight because Peyton was sound asleep, but that only lasted like 15 minutes. She was up almost the entire flight. Thankfully I had a whole row to myself, and it was the one behind the wall, so there were no seats in front of us. I did a lot of standing and bouncing. She did fuss, and even let out a few screams, but she was still really good. Traveling alone wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Everyone is really helpful when you have a baby by yourself. I still can't wear my rings, and I still look 15, so I felt the judging eyes. HA!
Chillin' during our two hour layover in Atlanta.

She was so tired, but just wouldn't sleep.
And I know Cole isn't my kid and this is a blog about Peyton, but he is just so cute. And he is her future husband. : )

Monday, October 20, 2008

First trip to the beach and meeting some new friends

We went to the beach today with Steph, Kayley and Cole. Peyton slept most of the time, but I loved just being at the beach again. ::sigh::

Sorry the pictures are a little jumbled. 

There aren't many pictures of me and Peyton together because I'm always behind the camera. Even though I look like junk I'm glad I have this picture. Thanks, Steph!
Swinging for the first time.
Peyton with her future mother-in-law and husband. : )

For those of you who have seen Little Miss Sunshine, this is totally the hotel the pageant was at. : ) 
Coley  holding Peyton. So cute. I love his little feet sticking out.

Peyton being held by her future sister-in-law. 
Sleeping at the beach.

Meeting Momma K. Thanks for letting us all come over today!
Meeting Vicky.
Cole being so sweet to an unhappy Peyton.
Hanging out with Steph.
More kisses from Coley Oley.

So sweet

Today is our last day to meet new people. We're going to Steph's house today so Peyton can meet her betrothed, Cole and her future sister Kayley. : ) Hopefully I'll get some good pictures of the kids.

Meeting Barbie
Sitting with Grandma, wearing one of her new dresses
She's so precious.