Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday! Krista Edition

1. I realize that today is Wednesday, but I started this yesterday.

2. It was so great having Krista here for a week. She left yesterday, and I'm bummed. Back to long days at home with the kids, and no adult interaction.

3. Krista came bearing gifts. Noah got new pacifiers, and a super cute "little brother" onesie.  I got a bar of peppermint goat milk soap. I love it!! My hands are always so dry because I was them a million times a day. The goat milk soap leaves them nice and soft. Peyton got a sock money. She's so cleaver, and named it Krista. :P
She brought it to the zoo, but kept abandoning it for sticks, and leaves. Poor little Krista monkey.

4. We ate way too much junk while she was here. 

5. She got me addicted to the game Plants Vs. Zombies. 

6. It was so nice having her entertain Peyton while I fed Noah, and holding Noah while I finished up something with Peyton or well, you know, played Plants vs. Zombies. :)

7.. Our first adventure was the zoo. Peyton and Krista were quick pals.

A few random animals, and a pretty tree. 

8. Adventure #2  was the pumpkin patch.

 Peyton refused to hold Noah. She said she didn't want him as a brother because she had Boots for a brother. Notice how she is sticking Boots in front of him. Aww... how can she resist him? Look at his sweet, cute, chubby face!!

On the hay ride driving out to the patch, so excited! It was the Cotton Festival at Old Baker's Farm that day, and they had a civil war reenactment. They came running through the woods shooting their guns. It was pretty fun.

Picking out Peyton's pumpkin was a hot, long, and tiring experience. She wanted a "tiny little pumpkin", so Cory and I treked all across the pumpkin patch looking for one. All the pumpkins we pointed out were not good enough. I did find a tiny pumpkin, but it was white. "No, an orange one", said Peyton. Finally we found one that she could carry, and Cory and I both got excited, and said, "It's a Peyton pumpkin! Yay!", and she totally went for it. She would have been fine looking for a pumpkin all day because Cory was carrying her. She said it was, "too high stepping". Oh, and we didn't even end up getting the pumpkin. While Krista and I went searching for her pumpkin I found a smaller one for Peyton.

I edited these w/ PW's vintage. The pictures were horrible because of the sun, but I wanted to show you them because I think they're funny. I really wanted to get a cute picture of Peyton holding her pumpkin, but she was so over it. She kept dropping the pumpkin on purpose, so I took her Boots, and then told her I'd give him back if she smiled. Such a mean mommy, and the pictures didn't even come out good. 

Notice the tank top. The cool morning didn't last long. We were all pretty hot, tired, and hungry, so we packed it up after Peyton tried out these two fun toys, and headed to Cracker Barrel. 

9. Adventure #3

Trying to get pictures of the kids together in their Halloween costumes. There is no way I would have been able to do this on my own. I really wanted to get a picture of Noah sitting in Peyton's lap, but she refused, and I wasn't going to try to force her because I'm pretty sure Noah would have been face down in the dirt. She did give him kisses after I bribed her with fruit snacks. I was very thankful that Krista helped me wrangle, prop up, quickly pull out pacifiers, and carry the kids.

10. Wow, that was long. Thanks for coming, Krista! Who's next? Make sure it's in the fall or spring. I kind of feel like Hillary was ripped off when she visited because it was a billion degrees, and I was so hugely pregnant that I just lounged around. The one day that we did go out and do something she was attacked by mosquitos. Sorry, Hillary.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Since I didn't Do It Yesterday

1. Krista will be here in a few hours! Yay! 

2. Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing these cute little guys.

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3. I'm just ready for it to be done with. Don't you love vague statements. :)

4. Yesterday a couple came by and the lady gave me a sob story about how our house used to be her inlaw's house, and she was wondering if we would be interested in leasing to buy for them. No thanks. I don't think this used to be your inlaw's house, and I'm a little worried that you're not going to pay rent. If the house you're selling is closing on the 3rd why not just buy our house instead of leasing first... you know, if you're that sentimentally attached...

5. Finding something to wear to a wedding is not fun when you're packing 20 lbs more than you were last year.

6. I really need to realize that my "just one more, and then I won't eat another forever!" doesn't work.

7. Cory tore down our little fence, and put up an electric one for daragan. It is fantastic. It actually feels like we have a backyard now.

8. Thinking about maybe heading to Cali for Thanksgiving after all. I'm not sure though. Maybe if I can schedule a few photo shoots...

9. Cold nights mean fires outside! If Peyton looks completely exhausted it's because she is. She decided she didn't need a nap that day.

GG (cory's mom) and Peyton

10. Noah and his Grampy (cory's dad).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Little Garden Gnome

I tried to get some pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes the other day. I got a couple cute ones of Peyton, but none of Noah. I'm going to need some help from Cory for that little guy. Peyton absolutely loves her costume!! She thinks the hat is a birthday hat, so she is all about it! 

She really is so good about me having the camera in her face all the time. 

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Friday, October 15, 2010


It's so much fun watching Peyton's imagination grow. The other day Peyton made a caterpillar with balls. I was pretty impressed with her creativity. Today she made a sun out of five coupons and a paper towel. Yesterday she told me that she was Nemo, I was Dorie, and Cory was Flounder. I loved that she wanted us all to be fish, and it didn't matter if we were from the same movie. When she woke up from her nap she said, "Good morning, Dorie.," and when Cory got home from work she said, "Flounder is home!". 

Here's a picture of the caterpillar she made. She was pretty proud. :)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ten on tuesday!

1. Peyton usually stalls bed time as long as she can by asking me to lay down with her. We cuddle, talk and sing, and then I tell her I have to go, and she says, "No, lay down. Don't go!". Last night when I laid next to her she was picking her nose, so I told her not to, and she said, "bye, mom.". Ha! I guess she wanted to pick her nose more than talk to me.

2. Yesterday when Peyton was playing in the backyard with Daragan she asked me if she could take her pants off to be a dog. I'm not sure if she wanted to pee in the grass or what.

3. I'm glad my mom didn't have a blog to tell the world about the things I said and did at two. :)

4. Peyton's new best friend is Wow Wow Wubbzy.
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5. Noah smiling at me the other day must have been a fluke because he has yet to smile at me again. He can definitely roll belly to back though. He does it almost every time he has tummy time. I don't think Peyton rolled until she was 3 months old.

6. I'm so very tired today. 

7. This morning Peyton played in the backyard, and it was cold so she wore a hoodie. She is insisting on keeping it on even though her sweaty head is telling me she is hot. Every time I ask her if she wants to take it off because she is sweating she says, "I not sweaty. I cold." yeah, sure kid.

8. We're talking baseball... Willie, Mickey, and the Duke... Or if you're Peyton "Mickey Mouse", and the Duke. :)

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9. There's a 40% chance of rain today. It would be grand if that would happen.

10. Our tv broke. sad day. At least we have the imac, and internet. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh Fall, Where Are You?

While most of the country is wearing pants,  and long sleeves while enjoying a nice day at the pumpkin patch or apple orchard we are wearing our bathing suits and washing our dog outside in 90 degree weather.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Swing

Noah tolerates the swing.


I heard:

"Look mommy, I a baby."

Turned around, and saw this:


Peyton enjoys the swing.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Favorite

I'm sure you have seen this already, but I just love it, so I'm posting it. 

   Kimberly Timberly :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

1. I'm not looking forward to taking both kids to my doctor's appointment. It's always fun having to wake up Peyton really early, so that I can take Cory to work, and then having to entertain her for hours in a boring waiting room. It makes for some good, stress free times, and hooray for adding a newborn into that mix... Hopefully my doctor won't have to deliver any babies, and all her appointments are on time, and we can get out quickly.

2. Noah rolled over from tummy to back 2 times yesterday. 

3. Noah also slept two 4 hour stretches last night. It was great. 

4. I passed on my love/hate relationship for Daragan on to Peyton. One minute she is telling Daragan to leave her alone and get out of her face, and the next she is running around and playing with her.

5. Beauty and the Beast is being released from the vault today. It's one of my favorites.

6. Peyton thinks all red cars are Lightening Mcqueen.

7. There was a dead cockroach on our patio, and Peyton said he was laying down, and he was so cute. I told her he was not so cute, so she then said he was disgusting, and ants were so cute. She loves to say everything is so cute. 

8. I'm hoping the last few cold nights have killed all the creepy crawlers. The worst part about living in the south is the bugs.

9. How does one tiny person add so much laundry? I feel like I am constantly doing laundry.

10. I love that Noah takes a pacifier. It's so easy to just pop it in his mouth when he is fussy. Peyton never took a pacifier, so if she was fussy we had to bounce and walk... 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend, but it went by way too fast. There was a little carnival at the school near our house, so we walked over on Saturday afternoon. It was really small, but Peyton loved it. She rode a couple of rides, and "jumped" in the the jolly jumper. She was the only one in there, but she just sat in there, and said, "I'm in the Dalmatian". I kept encouraging her to jump, and so she would carefully stand up, and bounce a little, and if she fell she would say, "I'm ok." I was cracking up. She is just not very coordinated. 

It doesn't look like it, but Peyton really did love riding the motorcycle. It just took a lot of concentration to hold on!

She didn't have to hold on for dear life in the boat, and was able to relax a little.

She tried cotton candy, and wasn't really a fan.

Noah was there too, but he just did this...

When we got home our neighbor came over for a little while to play. I tried getting a picture of the two of them, but they were just not interested. 

Sunday's high was 72 degrees, so we took advantage of the cool weather and headed to the zoo. 

Reading a book before heading off to the zoo.

Looking at the sea lions "swimming in the ocean".

Seeing a cardboard cutout of Dot was probably Peyton's favorite part of the zoo. :)

Talking to the sheep.

She said, "they're so cute".

We had a lot of fun despite the few minor toddler tantrums Peyton threw, and her incredibly slow walking pace. ha. Noah slept almost the entire time. I had to skip the giraffes, and zebras so I could head back to the car and feed Noah. 

We finished the afternoon off by having a late lunch at Jason's Deli. It was really hard to resist the Five Guys that was across the street. I'm trying to make better food choices, so I can shed this baby weight! 

So hooray for a fun filled weekend, and cooler weather. We're supposed to have a few more days in the 70s, and then it's back to the 80s for us. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Noah is One Month Old

Can you believe "little" Noah is a month old already?! 

I love being a family of four.  Staying home all day with a 2 year old, and a newborn is definitely challenging at times, but I wouldn't change it for anything. 

So what has Noah been up to? Not much. ha. Last night his first stretch of sleep was 5 hours! I was very thankful for that. Then he slept another 3 hours before he was ready for some awake time. Hopefully he'll be sleeping through the night soon. I can't remember when Peyton started sleeping through the night, but I know it didn't take too long. He still sleeps a lot during the day, but does have a few different parts in the day that he is awake. His neck control is getting a little better. We do tummy time every day. Sometimes he is happy to lift his head and look around, sometimes he is fussy, and sometimes he falls asleep. :) He still likes his pacifier, but it's dependent on it. So far nothing I have eaten has effected his stomach. yay! I can't really think of anything to write about. He really doesn't do much yet. Oh, he did smile at me yesterday when I stuck my tongue out at him, but he hasn't done it again. I don't know how much he weighs or how long he is, so I guess that's it.

Noah One Month


Look familiar...
Peyton at a month old
P One Month

Tummy time.