Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peyton's party!

Whenever I asked Peyton what kind of birthday party she wanted she told me she wanted an umbrella, balloons, and a cupcake. I tried to find cute umbrella decorations but didn't really have any luck, so I went with a rainbow theme, sort of. I got everything a couple days before her party. ha. We were just having her cousins over for cupcakes, and swimming so I didn't go all out. Parties are expensive! I better start saving now for her 4th birthday! She was so excited about her cupcake, its all she really cared about. She loved all her presents, but we had to encourage her to keep opening them. She just wanted to go swimming. I also bought a pink parasol, its the best I could find at a party store to use as an umbrella. Thankfully she also got a pink polka dot umbrella from my Aunt, so she got everything she asked for. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy 3rd birthday, Peyton!

Peyton Olivia Brenlie,
    I can hardly believe that you are 3 years old! The time seems to be flying by, but I hardly remember you being a teeny tiny baby. I could not ask for a better daughter. You are so incredibly smart, and imaginative. The other day you were pretending to be Map, and told Grandma she was Dora, and when I asked who I could be you said, "Helena". I had never heard that name before. I thought you were just making something up, but when I asked you who she was you said, "a miniature Russian doll". I mean, really, who says that? haha. I love that when a stranger asks you your name you have to think to about it first because you are trying to decide if you should tell them your actual name or the name of the character you are pretending to be.
   Since you are a toddler (well, I suppose now you're considered a preschooler) you definitely have your moments of not listening, giving attitude, and being ornery. But your heart is so good. You are so sweet, and care about how others feel. You are quick to forgive, and will usually share.
   I love your free spirit, and how happy you are. You just love life, always have. I hope that never changes. I am so excited about watching you grow this year! I absolutely cannot wait until you start dance! I hope you have a lot of fun, and make lots of friends. I love you Peyton Olivia Brenlie though I'm sure you'd prefer it if I called you Scout! :)

Some facts:
  You are just about a size 8.5 in shoes. You wear 3t clothes. You've been day time potty trained for a year, and night time trained since April. You love to draw, swim, dance, sing, and pretend to me a dog or Map from Dora. You are super outgoing and make friends wherever you go. You can recognize all the letters and numbers. You will pretty much watch anything on TV, but your favorites are Diego, Dora, Bubble Guppies, and Team Umizoomi. You still are not very opinionated about what you wear (yay!). Your favorite color is usually pink, but sometimes purple. :) When you grow up you want to be a butterfly.

Now a look back at this past year, the song is currently Peyton's favorite song (she used to think it was "you smell. I smell"):

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

1. I'm so behind in blogging. I thought once Cory got here I would be back to my regular picture taking and blog writing schedule. Not so much. Since my last post...

2. Peyton turned 3! I started writing a letter to her on her birthday, but still haven't finished it.

3. We aren't just spending the summer in Idaho, we've actually moved here. Surprise! We found tenants for our home in Alabaster, and jumped at the opportunity to move west. 

3. Cory and his friend Daniel drove across the country on Aug. 6th, and got here on the 8th. The kids and I were so happy to finally have Cory with us!

4. Cory, Daniel, and I drove up through the mountains, and found a day use area on the side of the road along the Payette River. Daniel suggested that we swim across the river. The current was pretty strong(or I am probably just wimpy), and the water was cold, but we made it! The boys found a rope swing, but there was no way I was going to try it, swimming across the river was good enough for me. I practically had a panic attack each time they swung into the air. I tried to talk them out of it every time, and then would yell, "let go, let go" when they were in the middle of the river. I was so afraid they were going to land on a rock or swing back into the tree and die.

5. I wanted to wait until Cory was here to celebrate Peyton's birthday. On the 10th we filled her room with pink balloons (something we started last year), and then had a party for her in the afternoon. I will share pictures soon! It was a small party, just my mom, nephews, niece, two cousins, my aunt, Cory and Daniel. 

6. Cory, Daniel, and I went white water rafting. So much fun! We did the same run Cory and I did 6 years ago, the lower south fork. Totally something you have to do if you are ever in Boise, Idaho.

7. Daniel left last Friday, and my parents went back to Cali last Saturday. Since then we have been trying to unpack, and get settled. We absolutely love it here! I wish everyone I know and love would move here as well! So be ready for me to talk to you about it every chance I get. :)

8. I tried to take Peyton's 3 year pictures last night. She was not having it. A few hours later I understood why when she unloaded everything she ate right into my lap. lovely. She hasn't thrown up since 4:30 this morning, but she has a fever. poor thing. :( I'm really, really hoping no one else gets sick!

9. Peyton starts ballet in a few weeks! The only bummer is I have to watch on a tv in the lobby. boo. Hopefully I'll have a chance to take some pictures before or after class.

10. We decided to forgo preschool this year. 

So that's what's been happening the last couple of weeks.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Noah is 11 months old!

Noah has changed so much the last few months. He is no longer the super easy going baby he used to be. He seems to get more challenging every day. He crawls everywhere, and lets nothing get in his way. He learned how to move the gate at the bottom of the stairs(it's now tied so he cant push it away), and can climb them all the way to the top! Don't worry I don't let him do it without me being behind him the entire time. You guys know me and my gasping ways. :) He pulls up on everything, but is no where near walking. If someone tells him no he spits at them. What in the world? He is too young to have such an attitude! He will also fake cry when I tell him no. But despite the attitude he will still stop doing whatever it is that I've told him no about. He's almost mastered a straw cup. I've already started to give him whole milk. He seems to like it ok, but prefers water. He eats both purees and table food. Green grapes are his favorite food right now. He is in 18 month clothes, and size 4 diapers. He still has a pacifier during his naps, and at night. 

He still loves cars, balls, books and music. Usually music will snap him out of a crabby mood. He now "sings" along to the music. I love it! He's not a fan of being tickled, but can't resist the urge to laugh when I tickle the side of his belly. He loves hanging upside and flipping over. He tries to brush his hair when he gets his hands on a comb or brush. I love watching him talk on the phone with Cory. He looks so cute trying to put my phone up to his ear (which is usually behind his head), and he says, "huh" over and over. He also likes to put the phone up to my ear. I think he can say: bye bye, mama, dada, huh, and all done. I say "think" because he doesn't say them on his own, only when prompted by me, so I'm not sure if counts. You can tell that he is copying those words though. The only sign that he does is "all done", and I have to ask him to do it a couple of times before he does. 

 I love watching his little personality develop. He is a fun little guy, and I'm so glad I get to be his mommy! 

Getting his picture this month was very tricky! He kept throwing his letter N, and lounging in his chair. This is the best picture I got. I had to turn the chair around, prop up the N, and give him a book and the lens cap. 

And some outtakes.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Failed Attempt

It is impossible for my mom and me to get a good picture with all 5 kids. 

April 20111

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