Wednesday, April 29, 2009

outside pool time

I thought I'd post a picture of our front yard so you can see all our weeds. ha.
Yesterday I let the girls "swim". Jaida hated it, but Peyton loved it. Peyton is happy always, so I wasn't surprised. If you click on the pictures they'll show up bigger on the screen and you'll be able to see Peyton's booger, and sweet potatoes on her face.  : ) Oh well, she still is super cute!

Poor Jaida. Hopefully she won't hate the pool all summer because I plan on taking them outside a lot. I took her out of the pool, but only after I snapped a couple of pictures. I let her play with a bucket of water on a towel and she enjoyed that. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 on tuesday!

1. I was going to just list 10 things that make Peyton cry, but I couldn't think of more than 5. I think that's pretty great. 

2. I'm sad that one of my favorite dresses Peyton has is stained. : ( Serves me right for not putting a bib on her.

3. I'm watching Jaida everyday this week because her mom got a job, and has orientation. Hooray!

4. During the weekends I wish Peyton was down to only one nap, but when Jaida is here I'm glad they still need two naps a day!

5. Yesterday I took the girls outside, and I realized our front yard is made up of more weeds than grass. sad, but true. It looks nice when it's first mowed. ha.

6. Every year we buy the dogs a new water "bowl". It's actually one of those metal drink buckets. This year Target had plastic ones, and they were 10 dollars cheaper than the metal ones so we bought it even though I was worried Digory would be able to dump it. Well, we've had it for 3 days, and he's already dumped it twice. ::sigh::

7. I wish my freezer made the crushed ice that Sonic has.

8. Is Tony Almata really bad? Is Jack Bauer going to die?

9. I love the warm weather, but I am so not looking forward to the disgusting humidity. 

10. You'd think I'd have a lot to say after not doing 10 on tuesday for a few weeks, but I don't.

Monday, April 27, 2009

5 dollar pool

We bought Peyton a pool yesterday, and I let the girls play in it this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll actually put water in it, and let them "swim". 

This one of Jaida cracks me up. Just lounging.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Idaho recap

These pictures are going to seem a little random beezcuz they are. 

We had lots of fun watching Hunter's soccer game. Everyone commented on what a good baby Peyton is. She was perfectly content sitting on the sidelines watching the game. 
Chillin' in the car. The tylenol bottle is currently her favorite thing. Don't worry, she is still rear facing. I was sitting in the way back.

Hunter had his 6th birthday party at the bowling alley. It was so much fun watching 4-6 year olds bowl! Jack and Ty watching and waiting to see how many pins Jack knocked down.
My sweet little nephew.
My feisty little nephew. I looved watching Gaven bowl!
Check out that form.
Haha! The cupcakes Laiena, Hunter and I decorated. I'm thinking I should go into the cake decorating business. Que, no?
Hanging out, and laughing with Auntie Laiena.

I love this picture of Robert even though his hand is in front of his face. He just looks so sweet.
cousin love.
We were trying to get a shot of all the kids together, and we put Peyton in Gaven's lap but she just wanted to touch his face and look at him. I love Gaven's expression.

Ty likes to wear one glove. : ) Look at Peyton in the background! She can't figure out how to move her arms and hands forward. She rocks on her hands and knees for a while, and then stands on her feet. silly girl. She'll get it someday...
Just hanging out and rolling around in the livingroom.

so big.

Ty Ty.

Well friends, that's all I've got. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter pictures

Sorry for the wait. I hope this gives you all an idea of the fun we had on Easter.

All of the kids' Easter baskets sitting on the table Easter Eve.
Peyton and all her loot. This child does not go without. She definitely had a good first Easter. : )

My mom bought this outfit for Peyton when we were in Cali for Thanksgiving. I kept telling her Peyton wouldn't fit in a size 12 months yet. Looks like I was wrong! I love my big baby. : )
Dyeing eggs. 
My dad, and nephew Robert.
My cousin Hunter, and nephew Gaven.

My mom and her granddaughters. Peyton and Riley are only 3 months apart. 

Our favorite Auntie Laiena
So pretty in her Easter dress.

Uncle Luke, my little brother. His hair was cut the next day. : )
Proud Papa, my dad.
Watching the boys hunt for eggs.
What a sweet baby!

A glimpse of what was in the eggs.
Aunt Laiena, and Uncle Greg making sure everyone got their fair share of dollars.
Opening up all of the eggs. 
Hunter and Robert during the egg hunt.
All of the boys lined up waiting to be let loose, so they can hunt for some eggs!

My nephews Gaven and Robert swinging on the tire swing.

I'll post more pictures from our trip soon.