Saturday, March 31, 2012

2 years ago

I cannot believe this was 2 years ago! Peyton is just a month older than Noah is now. I love her sweet little voice. I know the video is long, and boring to you, but I love it. I love when she almost slips, and say, "oh wowe, be cawful." She's always been such a little smarty pants. She seems so big now, but I know 2 years from now I will looking at the videos of her at 3.5 and think she was still such a baby.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ten on Tuesday!

1. It's the first day of spring, and it's snowing.

2. Usually we have to sit out in the lobby while Peyton is in dance class, but today we got a little sneak peak of the dance they will be preforming in May. I am so excited about her first dance recital! Hopefully she will pay attention a little more for her big performance! Cory recorded this on his ipod.

3. I know I have said it before, but Cory is a genius. He really is. He did amazing on a test he just took. I'll let you all in on a little something soon. Big changes happening in our household. Very exciting, and a little nerve wracking.

4. So, we went to Disneyland last month. That was fun! I can't wait until the Car land at California Adventure is finished. Noah will flip when he sees it. We're planning on going back next summer.

5. I cannot think of anything else to write about, so I guess I have to end it here. So much for a ten on tuesday post. I tried.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Noah 18 months

Noah turned 18 months old at the beginning of the month! I have no idea how tall he is or how much he weighs. He isn't having an 18 month appointment because we had one at 16 months, and his pedi wants to wait until he is 20 months. I do know that he is big! It does not look like there is 2 years between him and Peyton. He is picking up new words left and right. Today he told me "nooo heee" which translates into no hitting. He hears that a lot. He is quick to hit, and throw a tantrum these days. He is very impatient and easily frustrated. Maybe he is going to be a perfectionist. He has a complete meltdown if I don't fix his train right away when it comes apart. He throws himself on the floor if he can't gets his cars to roll across a surface exactly the way he wants it. His two favorite things are cars, and animals. He also likes trains, and having wrestling matches with Peyton.

Like every kid I've ever known he prefers to be outside rather that inside. He is getting pretty good at climb stairs and going down the slides all by his big self.

 He doesn't like chicken nuggets, but loves cheeseburgers. He will request yogurt and ritz crackers for every meal and snack, and usually throws a tantrum when I tell him no. Some days he really likes string cheese other days he'll throw it on the ground. He used to love graham crackers until I spread some nutella on one for him. Now he checks both sides of the cracker and throws it at me if there isn't any nutella on it.

We definitely have challenging days with Noah, but wouldn't want him any other way. I don't mean to talk only about what a stinker he can be. He also makes me laugh all the time, and likes being silly. He loves to give me cheesy smiles when he sees my camera. He is my little cuddle bug that loves giving me LOTS of kisses and hugs throughout the day. I'm excited to see what becomes of his stubborn yet sweet, animal loving, car obsessed, kissing personality.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ten on tuesday!

. I have no blogging motivation. I have a ton of February pictures to share, but I don't have the motivation to edit them.

2. It's raining today, lots of rainy days in the forecast this week, and into next.

3. I'm pretty sure Noah is getting his "2 year" molars. At least I hope that is why he has been so cranky.

4. Draw something is my new addiction. So fun! Candace's pictures always make me laugh, and I'm always impressed with Momma K's.

5. I went to Gap today with a $150 credit, and still managed to go over $100. Now I have to look through all the clothes, and decide what to take back.

6. Noah is obsessed with cars and trains as much as Peyton was obsessed with being an animal and changing her name.

7. We almost got a puppy. Well, Cory almost went to look at a potential puppy. Our family needs, and at the same time definitely doesn't need a puppy. ha.  I think I've forgotten how much work a puppy is, so I have major puppy fever. The kids sure would love having one, especially Noah.

8. This is my life... almost all day, every day.

9. How about an encore

10. Her hair is getting so long! She is not a fan of getting it brushed though. We're going to get it cut after her dance recital.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I heart faces beautiful b&w

 I had such a hard time choosing which picture to enter into the iheartfaces beautiful b&w photo challenge. Its cold and windy today, so we have spent the day relaxing. This is a picture of my 3 year old "reading" this afternoon.

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