Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ten on tuesday!

1. Happy birthday, Steph!

2. I love when Peyton sings. My favorite song she sings right now is the Wonder Pets song. It's hilarious because instead of saying, "save the day" she says, "same ol' day". Cory and I laugh every time. I'll try to get a video before she learns the right words. 

3. I also love that Peyton calls half moons "happy moons". 

4. Now that we have baby boy's name picked up I've been feeling anxious about not having anything ready. Peyton's entire room was done by the time I was 25 weeks. I'm pretty sure her car seat was installed in our car, and her clothes and blankets were washed, and boxes of diapers. We still have most of the baby items in the attic. We'll probably have to grab some extra diapers from the hospital and he might just be swaddled in pink blankets, too. :) But, at least he has a name. :)

5. I'm really excited about Peyton's birthday. We aren't really doing anything, but I think this is the first time we have bought her something that we haven't given her within minutes of purchasing it. She is going to actually have presents to open on her birthday! I also bought a pack of balloons and am going to try to sneak into her room without waking her up to fill it will balloons. She's totally going to get a cupcake for breakfast, too. :)

6. I really need it to be about 20 degrees cooler outside.

7. I know what Peyton is going to be for Halloween. She is going to look ridiculously cute! I haven't ordered it, and probably won't for at least a month because it would be almost impossible for me not to dress her up in it and have a photo shoot. 

8. To get a double stroller or not to get a double stroller... still contemplating. 

9. Peyton woke up in the middle of the night crying. When I went to check on her she asked me if she could eat at her table. She was fine after I told her that she couldn't because it was still night time and she needed to go back to sleep. I wonder if she had a bad dream about someone not letting her eat or something.

10. One of Peyton's fish died. 


Krista said...

I would love to hear her sing that song, and I would laugh every time, too. I'm glad you've got a name you really like. Welcome to the nesting stage. :) I'm excited you haven't given in and had Peyton open her presents yet. I expect pictures on Thursday! Did my package get there yet? You'll have to show me her costume when I'm out there, since it will be the week before Halloween. So sad for Freddie...

Steph said...

1. Thanks Kim!
2. I love it. I look forward to seeing the video.
3. That's cute.
4. Welcome to life with a second child. They always eat more junk food and get hand me downs:) And I looove the name.
5. I bet she'll be so excited. I cannot believe she's going to be two!
6. Come to California. It's overcast, bleh.
7. So, what's she gonna be?
8. If I were to do it again I'd get a sit and stand double stroller. By the time Cole was born Kayley didn't need a seat anymore but she still would get tired of walking. I really liked having one for Disneyland. Both kids ended up falling asleep in it at the end of the day.
9. Poor Peyton. I'd be sad if someone prevented me from eating.
10. That's too bad. Does she even know it has passed away?

Peyton's Pages said...

Your package hasn't come yet, Krista.

Oh, steph, you will just have wait to see the costume. :) I have to make sure that I can even find it in her size. The costume is much cuter than it sounds. If I told you want it was you would probably think it was weird. The joovy caboose that I'm looking at is like the sit and stand. She doesn't know her fish died, but I don't think she would get it. She doesn't really care about them all that much.

hwilson718 said...

2.Addie loves Wonder Pets, whenever my cell rings she says "The phone...the phone is ringing"
4.Asher room was finished way later than Addies, but we did start pulling the swing and carseat out about 2 or 3 month before so Adelynn would get use to them being around.
7.I'm dying to know what Peyton will be for Halloween?!?!? I think Addie will be Mary Poppins (Jolly Holiday dress) and Asher will be Bert as a chimney sweep. I saw it on a blog and it was too cute!
8. I agree with Steph get a sit and stand. We decided not to get one because Addie never wants to get in the stroller even after running around a zoo for 2 hours, but my friend gave me 2 of her double strollers and we've only used it once. My advice don't buy one until you see a need.