Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wrapping Up December

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did! 

I don't have a copy of our Christmas card, but this is the picture I used.

I took this last month, so no glasses or haircut for Noah.

Last week Peyton's dance class was open for parents, family and friends to come watch. It was so much fun watching the girls dance. Peyton is the only 3 year old, and a young one at that, and after watching her in her class I've decided(per recommendation of her teacher) to move her out of the 3&4 year old class down to the 2&3 year old class. She just can't keep up.

Ha! Look at her arm! :)

All dressed up in Christmas attire.

"skipping"... more like galloping. :) 

The morning of Christmas Eve I headed to the park to play football with my uncles, aunt and their friends. My mom took some pictures, and made a slideshow. so fun! 

I didn't take any pictures on Christmas Eve. Too busy eating, hanging out, opening presents, and playing games.

Christmas morning!

This little guy is going through a big time momma only phase. He wants to be on my hip all day long. That red flannel is my knee.

Wow, Mario gummies! This girl loves her some video games. She gets that from her dad for sure.

This was her expression for ever gift. She loves everything.

See. :) All the pictures of her opening presents look like this.

My attempt to get a picture of both of them in front of the tree.

Looking so smug with one of Peyton's Mario gummies. :)

Peyton and Ty in front of the tree. ha!

We went tubing on Monday. Its actually pretty warm here for Boise, so there isn't any snow. The place that we went actually has manmade snow hills. Peyton was sick. She started out fine in the morning, so we thought she would be good to go, but after 2 runs down the hill she was done! Noah went down once, and it freaked him out. 

I have no idea how my glove hook got stuck in my braid.

Noah chilling in the tube... not knowing what's coming.

Since I didn't get any pictures of the kids dressed up on Christmas Eve I took them out this afternoon for a little picture fun.

 You can't tell, but Noah is sick and crabby right now. He had a blast outside though, and was all smiles. I guess the fresh air did him some good. Inside the house is a whole different story. He is in a "cheese" phase. This is my new favorite picture of him.

My handsome boy

Trying to get a good picture of Peyton was quite the challenge. She wanted to show me "her moves."

Then she decided that she was a tree... here she is looking up lovingly at her mommy tree

hugs for her mom tree. (what in the world? she is a weirdo. haha!)

In the backyard playing with their powerwheel

Man, let me tell posting all these pictures is work! Maybe someday I'll get to some meaningful words, but tonight, and pretty much all posts, the story just has to be told in pictures because I am spent! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel is at it again.

Remember the Halloween candy prank? This time Jimmy Kimmel had parents wrap up an early Christmas present. The only rule was that it had to be something they wouldn't like.

The little blond girl is my favorite.

Of course I had to try it out on Peyton.

Untitled from Kim Sayre on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ten on tuesday!

1. A picture of Peyton

2. I love seeing them ride in the jeep together. They are such good buddies. I hope they are always close. I feel like this is a glimpse into the future.

3. Our Elf on the Shelf, Joel. Peyton named him. This is our first year doing the good ol' elf on the shelf. He showed up hanging from our fan Dec. 1st. I thought I would have so much fun with this and setup some awesome scenes for him, but so far I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, and having to run downstairs to plop him in some place new. Peyton looks for him every morning, but doesn't seem to really care all that much about him. We did watch the little movie, and she was so nervous when the little boy was about to touch his elf. It was cute.

4. Christmas cookie making

5. A couple weeks ago we went and visited Santa.

This picture is so Peyton right now. Age 3 has not been the easiest for her.

I love this picture. Crying babies on santa's lap always make me laugh. He was actually fine after 3 second.

6. Peyton and I went downtown to watch my cousins sing last Saturday. Hunter got to sing on the mic. I don't know why, but that little girl in the front with the pink jacket made me think of Hillary.

Peyton brought her camera.

And she got her face painted for the first time.

7. The cutest little 4 eyes I've ever seen.

8. Its cold. I really do not like the winter. I am already longing for warm days playing outside. Its supposed to snow on Thursday and I'm actually ok with that. I think it will be fun to go sledding and make snowmen. But, I was definitely not made for the cold.

9. Noah is so crabby, and I don't understand it. He has been fussing all day long today, and throwing fits.  And really, he is like that most of the time. What gives? He's not sick. Well, I guess he could be because Peyton just got over a stomach bug. Nothing like waking up to your child crying in the middle of the night and having puke all over herself.  But even if Noah is crabby because he is sick, he is crabby even when he is not. Maybe he hates winter, too.

10. Special snowflake.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

1. November is basically over, and I hardly picked up my camera.

2. Cory's parents, brother, and sister-in-law came for a visit a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time, but I didn't take a single picture! Shame on me. The kids got their Christmas gifts from them, and are now living out a childhood dream of mine... they got a powerwheel! They look so cute in it.

3. Noah started walking this month! Yay, Noah! Finally. I'd so much rather have him up on his feet than on his hands and knees.

4. Noah also had an optometrist appointment this month, and will be getting glasses soon.

5. The Hughes spent Thanksgiving with us! Don't get me started on Grace being almost 19, and little Destiny being 13!

Helping make candy acorns on Thanksgiving morning.

Peyton's job was to unwrap all the hersey kisses.

I tried to make Rice Krispy turkeys. Their "tail feathers" kept falling off.

6. Cory, Peyton and I went over to Laiena's dad's for Thanksgiving dinner. Noah was napping so he stayed home with my parents, and the Hughes.

All of the pictures of Peyton in her Thanksgiving outfit look like this:

7. My mom, dad, Cory, Destiny, and I went out for black friday shopping on Thursday night. My dad and Cory went to Target around 10pm to stand in line while us girls went to wal-mart to get some umbrellas. Wal-mart was madness. I'm so glad we didn't need anything there. Cory and I scored an awesome deal on a tv, and pots and pans. Whoop! Did I tell you guys how our tv disappeared? We have no idea where it went or when it went missing. We went to get it out of the garage to move to our new house, and it wasn't there. Cory doesn't remember getting it out of the uhual, but he also doesn't remember not getting it out. So who knows... It could have gotten jacked on the cross country trip or out of my parents' garage.

My dad got a helicopter. ha. I couldnt fly the thing to save my life. I would fly it all the way to the ceiling, it would smash into it, and come crashing down onto the floor.

8. We got our Christmas tree on Sunday! It makes the house smell so good! I haven't had a real tree in forever!

Look at his cute little baby walking self.

I crouched down to take a picture of Peyton, and she did the same. :)

Decorating the tree

9. Gingerbread making fun:

10. So, that's basically Novemember. Lots of fun with family. Not very many pictures taken. No new header. A few pounds gained. I am starting the 30 day shred again though, so good luck to me! :) Oh, I took our Christmas card picture too, but I won't be posting that until I send out my cards. Hopefully you will see more posts in December.