Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ten on tuesday!

1. My niece came with my mom. Riley is 3 months younger than Peyton. We tried to get some pictures of the girls together, but it didn't work out so well. 

These are seriously the best two I got. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try again before they head home. 

2. We're going through major potty training regression. I know lots of kids go through it, but I was hoping Peyton wouldn't. It started as soon as I started watching Payton and Judah. ::sigh:: It's like she realized that she doesn't really have to pee in the potty. We're going to plow through it, and hope it doesn't last too long. Crossing my fingers that it doesn't get worse once we bring Noah home.

3. Peyton's costume came in the mail a few days ago. I can't wait until October! I'm pretty sure September is going to fly by.

4. I can't wait until the weather cools down, and Peyton gets to wear some of the new outfits my mom bought her. Poor thing was so sweaty when I took off her long sleeve shirt at the park this morning. 

5. Tomorrow we get to meet Noah.

6. I thought I would have a lot to say today since I haven't blogged in a few days, but I'm struggling. 

7.  So  much for 10, I'm stopping at 7.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Pregnancy Update

This will be my last pregnancy update because baby Noah is coming next week!

Pregnancy: 38 weeks 2 day

Weight Gain: 36 lbs Hooray! I still have 5 days left, but that's 14 pounds less than I gained while pregnant with Peyton! Can't wait to start shedding it!

Sleep: I've actually been falling asleep before 2am, but it seems like I'm getting up every hour to go to the bathroom. 

Gender: Boy

Name: Noah Thomas  I'm pretty certain this isn't changing. 

Feeling: Tired all the time. 

Health: We are both doing great. His heart rate is strong, and my blood pressure and weight gain is good. I guess that's really all we can go off of right now. 

Belly: The 4 stretch marks that I got seem like they're getting longer. :( Hopefully no more show up!

What I am looking forward to: My mom, and niece coming tomorrow! Seeing the little guy. I wonder if he is going to have any hair, and if it will be dark or light. I wonder if he'll have huge cheeks like Peyton. 

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.

Milestones: Today was my last doctor's appointment. Yay!!! 

Movement: I'm not feeling crazy movement anymore, but he is still poking a prodding. 

Cravings: Nothing really this week. I ate a pan of brownies, but what else is new...

Your baby has really plumped up. He weighs about 6.8 pounds and he's over 19 1/2 inches long (like a leek). He has a firm grasp, which you'll soon be able to test when you hold his hand for the first time! His organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb. Wondering what color your baby's eyes will be? If he's born with brown eyes, they'll likely stay brown. If he's born with steel gray or dark blue eyes, they may stay gray or blue or turn green, hazel, or brown by the time he's 9 months old.

I have a feeling that Noah is bigger than 6.8 pounds, and 19 1/2 inches long. I definitely wouldn't mind him being that small though. Peyton was so big it hardly felt like a had a newborn. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 yr well check

Today Peyton had her 2 year well check. It was not fun. She cried about everything, and would not talk to the nurses or doctor. She gave everyone dirty looks. Maybe she was in a bad mood because she had to get up early or hadn't had breakfast or maybe it was because she remembered getting shots at her 18 month appointment. Whatever it was I'm just glad it's over. 

I had to hold her and stand on the scale because she refused to d it on her own. That was really fun seeing the number so high. yikes.

She weighs 26 lbs something ounces. I don't remember. She is the 50th percentile for weight.

She is 35 inches tall. 75th percentile

I don't remember what her head was, but it's growing just fine. ha. 

She had to get her finger pricked, but she actually didn't mind that. She didn't cry, and really liked her tweety bird bandaid. Of course she didn't tell the nurse that she liked it, but as soon as we left she kept telling me how cute it was. She also had to get a Hep A shot. She was not happy about that, and was not pleased with her bandaid either. 

She pushed and kicked when the doctor listened to her back and chest, and checked her ears, and she refused to open her mouth.

Even though she was difficult to deal with it was a good appointment because she is completely healthy, so hooray for that. She doesn't have to go back until she is 3, hopefully she doesn't get sick throughout the year. 

Of course, we'll be there often anyway because baby Noah with have to go every couple of months. I'm sure taking a newborn and toddler is going to be TONS of fun. :/ Maybe Peyton will be happy when she realizes that she is going to be checked out. 


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ten on tuesday!

1. Wow, is it really Tuesday again? That was a fast week. I imagine this week is going to go by even faster, and before I know it I will be holding a baby boy.

2. For some unknown reason Peyton calls Willy Wonka "Ta Ta Caroline". I have no idea what it means or where she got it. We've corrected her a few times, but she prefers to call it by her own name. 

3. Holly and Daniel came down last Saturday and hung out. They bought Peyton a moogle (I have to idea how to spell it) for her birthday and she loves it. It's a character from the video game Daniel and Cory play.

4. I know I said it yesterday, but Peyton loves having friends over. She has done a pretty good job at sharing her toys. She was a little bossy yesterday morning, but other than that it's been great. I hope she is this good with her little brother.

5. Both of the kids I'm watching pooped in their diaper yesterday, and then later that night Peyton pooped in her underwear. I couldn't believe. She has never had a poop accident. I hope she didn't do it because she saw me changed the kids earlier. I really don't want to deal with regression when the baby is born. ::sigh::

6. The little boy I am watching is a master frisbee thrower. His skills are amazing, seriously. He also asks me if the pink toys are for boys. ha. He has two older sisters so I wonder if they tell him that their toys are for girls. I just keep telling him that all the toys are for everybody.

7. Last night Cory and Peyton had a dance party, and I laid on the futon while I had sporadic contractions.

8. Peyton loves to pretend she is a dog. I don't mind the panting and barking, it's the licking that I'm not a fan of. bleh.

9. We went to the lego store on sunday, and cory was pretty excited that Peyton liked playing with the legos. I think we're going to get her some for Christmas.

10. eh. I'm done.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The next 3 days

My life is is going to look like this for the next 3 days. Peyton is having a blast She loves having friends over. They are all getting a long so well. I know today is only day one, but I'm pretty sure the rest of the week will be just as great. I am so very thankful for nap time though. :)

How cute are they? Of course my favorite part is Peyton holding her bear.

Friday, August 20, 2010

3 years of August

August 21st, 2008

Aug. 15th, 2009

Aug. 20th, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

37 weeks

Pregnancy: 37 weeks 1 day

Weight Gain: 34 lbs

Sleep: It's been pretty horrible the last few nights. I am wide awake almost all night long, and then dragging until nap time. I usually get an hour nap everyday though.

Gender: Boy

Name: Noah Thomas

Feeling: Ready to be done! 

Health: We are both doing great. His heart rate is strong, and my blood pressure and weight gain is good. I guess that's really all we can go off of right now. 

Belly: Overtaking my life. :) I'm ready to get the baby out and shrink it back down.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing Peyton's reaction to her baby brother. 

What I miss: fall tv shows. :)

Milestones: I'm full term! Only one more dr's appointment left! I would love to go in to labor next Friday after Peyton's dr's appointment. It would be fantastic! :)

Movement: He's slowing down, running out of room, but he still is way more active than Peyton ever was.

Cravings: broccoli and cheddar soup from panera bread

Your baby is now considered full term, even though your due date is still three weeks away. If you go into labor now, his lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb. He weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel (like a stalk of Swiss chard). Many babies have a full head of hair at birth, with locks from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches long.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Someone else is potty training in our house

Peyton has been potty training Mike. She told him, "It's ok, do it next time. Be right back."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ten on tuesday!

1. This morning Peyton had a birthday party with Mike Wazowski. She has been asking to have a birthday party the last couple of days, and I think she just wants a cupcake. Funny that Heather just posted about Addie being really into birthday parties. 

2. When Peyton wants me to bend the knees of her little doll house people she asks me, "wanna broke their knees".

3. Daragan is driving me absolutely nuts! She keeps peeing in the house, and I'm about to lose my mind. Hopefully I can get the carpets professionally cleaned soon. I saw a coupon a few weeks ago in our little local paper and it was pretty reasonable. 

4. Yesterday I got my tripod out because I was going to try to get some pictures of me and Peyton, but I couldn't find the the piece that connects to my camera. So, so sad. I have no idea where it is. I really hope it wasn't in my old camera bag that I sold. Cory took some of us though. Here's one:

5. If you are pregnant during the warm months and you plan on having a couple bare belly shots you might want to work on a belly tan. Ha. My stomach is so white, and stretched you can see all of my veins. Oh purple belly, I am anxious to see you go. 

This one cracks me up because my belly button sticks out like a freaking nose. 

6. Don't let the pants deceive you. It is still very hot in good ol' Alabama. I think it was 7pm, we were only outside for like 10 minutes and we were all sweating.

7. Ok enough with the giant belly. Conversing with a 2 year old all day is exhausting. 

Peyton: "you see that, mommy"

Me: "yes, peyton, I see it."

Peyton: "You see that veggie tales, mommy"

Me: "yes, Peyton, I see it"

Peyton: "remember that veggie tales"

Me: "yes, I remember that"

Peyton: " you see that, mommy"

Me: "yes, peyton, I can see it"

Peyton: "what is that"

Me: "you know what that is  you just told me. what is that, peyton"

Peyton: "that's veggie tales. you like that veggie tales?"

and it just goes on and on and on... 

8. Peyton woke up at like 3 am, crying and asking to go play in the playroom. I have no idea what brought that on. 

9. On Sunday we took Mike Wazowski to Panera Bread with us. He was wearing Peyton's socks, underwear and a bow. ha. I wish I would have taken a picture. Quite a few stuffed animals have been sporting Peyton's underwear lately. 

10. Don't forget to turn the music off at the bottom of the page.

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Art Project

This morning we made a vase by decorating a jar with tissue paper. Peyton had fun "makin sumping". She needed help putting the paper on the jar, but she was a pro at putting the watery glue on with a paint brush.

So proud of her project. 

We headed outside to find some flowers.

So thankful that it's finally raining and our grass is greening up again.

Notice her boots are on the wrong feet. I'm just proud that she can put them on herself.

Getting ready to jump off the ledge. 


We don't have any flowers, and there weren't any in the field next to us, so we got some bush branches. They needed to be trimmed anyway. When it's not a million degrees I'll finish trimming them.

Ta da... :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

TMI post

Warning: A poop story. Don't read if you're offended by poop talk. 

I am cracking up right now!! Peyton would not appreciate this if she was old enough to be embarrassed, but here goes...

Peyton hates pooping. She would run around the house in her diaper and it would take her hours to go. When we started potty training she would sit on the potty, cry and ask to get down. It was really sad, but wether she had a diaper on or was sitting on the potty it was a struggle, so we'd just make her sit there until she went. Anyway, she has been doing a lot better, and she does it rather quickly now. She was running around the house saying she had to go potty, so I asked Cory to put her on the potty. He hasn't been home while she's had to poop in a while, so he thought she was going to be sitting there struggling for a bit, so he told her he was going to get her a book. I told him she didn't need a book, and she doesn't have to do all the things he likes doing. He insisted that she needed some entertainment, so he got her a book, and took it to her, and she dropped the biggest sounding poop in the toilet. He handed her the book, and she asked him to read it to her as she was sitting there pooping and farting... I can tell he isn't breathing through his nose while he is reading her the book. hahaha...  Should have listened to me. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two Pictures

The other day Peyton didn't want to get dressed, so I told her she could pick out her clothes. This is what she came up with. ha! She loves this dress. She was the one who picked it out at the store. She also loves, loves, loves her Lightening Mcqueen shoes. Both items are courtesy of my aunt Laiena. We changed her before we left the house though. Her dress was a little too fancy for a trip to Target, and her shoes, well...

This is pretty much the only decent picture I got of Peyton on her birthday. There are a couple more of her eating her cupcake, but that's it from the entire day. I was using the video camera when she was opening her presents. I'm sure I'll make up the lack of pictures of her actual birthday throughout the year.  

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pregnancy Update 36 weeks

Pregnancy: 36 Weeks 2 days

Weight Gain: 33 lbs

Sleep: Some nights are good, most are bad.

Gender: Boy

Name: Noah Thomas

Feeling: Hot, large, and uncomfortable. Seriously, the weather needs to cool down at least 15 degrees. Our electric bill is going to be outrageous. 

Health: We are both doing great. His heart rate is strong, and my blood pressure and weight gain is good. I guess that's really all we can go off of right now. 

Belly: Big! Still having Braxton Hicks all the time... maybe even real contractions because I am progressing. They aren't super painful or consistent enough to time though.

What I am looking forward to: My mom coming. 

What I miss: Being able to get up from the sitting position without having to do a little roll. 

Milestones: In the teens of the countdown. 19 days to go! Noah will be considered full term in 5 days!

Movement: painful when I move, painful when he moves. ha. 

Cravings: New York Steamer from Firehouse Subs. I think I've had it 4 times in the last week and a half. I guess it's better than all the Burger King I ate with Peyton.

Other News: I set up the Pnp in our room, set up the swing, got his carseat ready (but I can't find the newborn insert for around his head) washed his 0-3 month clothes, towel, and some blankets. Bought his baby wash and lotion, burp cloths and have his little diapers all ready to go. If I had him today we would be ok. This weekend we will probably buy the rest of the stuff we need: gowns, swaddling blankets, wash cloths, and maybe a few outfits. Poor little guy doesn't have nearly as many clothes as Peyton did. I went through all of Peyton's clothes and am hoping to sell most of them in our garage sale, so we can get Noah some things as well as some fall clothes for Peyton.

So there's our life. I'll try to get some pictures of my giant self before Noah is born. I know when my mom gets here she will take some. I just hope I don't go into labor before then. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 on tuesday!

1. Happy birthday, GG!

2. My aunt sent Peyton a Target gift card for her birthday so Cory and I took her shopping on Saturday. After spending an hour in the toy section she finally chose something. I wanted to see if they had any new shoes out, so we headed over there, and Peyton spotted some sparkly silver shoes. We let her try them on, and she did not want to take them off. We ended up leaving the store with a lightening mqueen lunch box, a dora cup, and sparkly silver shoes. :) 

3. Peyton says "fix it" like "fisk it". She also says, "I'll be right back" like "i wight back".

4. Peyton went almost 2 weeks without an accident. She broke her streak last night when she laid next to me and peed on the couch! ick.

5. 85 degrees is way too hot at 8:30 am. 

6. Publishers Clearing House please come knock on my door.

7. For a list lover, and future planner having your house up for sale is no fun.

8. I love that Peyton understands naming her stuffed animals. She has a black dog named Daragan, a little golden retriever named Eli, a pink giraffe named Princess Ada, and an orange giraffe named Flick. She named them all herself. :)

9. I really hope Peyton wants to take dance. I showed her videos on youtube last night of 2&3 year olds dancing, and I asked her if she could dance like them, and she totally copied all of these moves. I started tearing up. HA! Oh pregnancy...

10. A video of us waking up Peyton on her birthday. Sorry about the quality I don't know why it's so bad.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Peyton is Two!!

I honestly don't remember much about the day Peyton was born, and I hardly remember her turning a year, so I thought it would be smart to post about her turning 2.

Last night Cory and I put Peyton to bed wearing a birthday shirt, and said goodnight to our one  year old for the last time. We then made cupcakes, wrapped presents, hung a birthday sign, blew up balloons, and talked about how excited we were about it being her birthday in the morning. 

This morning we filled her room with balloons, and greeted her with a cupcake while singing happy birthday. She didn't want to blow out her candles, and was very hesitant to open up her presents. She devoured her cupcake though. :) She spent the morning with Cory while I went to my doctor's appointment. They read books, played with her new laptop, and watched 101 Dalmatians. Cory said they didn't watch much because she kept wanting him to fast forward it because she kept saying, " I don't like that part". 

Cory headed to work, and Peyton had dinosaur chicken, french fries, and a banana for lunch. :)  She watched a little bit of Peter Pan, and headed to bed with her birthday card from Auntie Laiena, Uncle Greg, Ty and Hunter. She loved that sang "if you're happy and you know it".

Our afternoon consisted of a 3 hour nap, playing with balloons, playing in the piles of her old clothes that I'm going through, going through baby toys, and sucking on pacifiers. :) A little bit of book reading, lap top and doll house playing. Cantaloupe and quesadillas for dinner. 

There it is. 

So what is Peyton up to at 2 years old?

She is potty trained!!! I'm so proud of her. She still wears a pull up or diaper during nap and bedtime, but will sometimes wake up dry from her nap. I probably won't buy anymore pull ups or diapers for her once this pack is gone, but we've got two months. 

She is finally starting to get into babies. yay! I hope she likes her brother! She loves her little doll house babies, and like to feed her stuffed animals and give them rides in her little stroller.

She can pretty much talk in full sentences. She just recently started saying, "I don't like that" instead of just "don't like that". She usually talks in 3rd person. 

She isn't super coordinated so she is just learning how to take her socks off, put on slip on shoes, and pull her shorts up and down. 

Her well check isn't for a couple more weeks, so I don't know how tall she is. Last week at my dr's appointment the nurse weighed her, and she was 26 pounds. She is still rear facing in her car seat, but we plan on switching her when we instal Noah's car seat... if I don't have an anxiety attack over it. :) 

She still knows her shapes and colors. :) She sings lots of songs: ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wonder Pets theme song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Mr. Golden Sun, Willaby Wallaby... those are the only ones I can think of right now. 

She loves Lightening Mcqueen and Mater. She also likes Care Bears and My Little Ponies. 

I'd say her favorite movies are Cars, Toy Story, Bugs Life, and Ponyo

She is a picky eater, and I have to hide all her veggies. She pretty much likes all fruit except pineapple. She is a big water drinker, and loves milk. She loves Life cereal and asks for it every morning. Chicken nuggets, and ground beef in spaghetti is pretty much all she will eat as far as meat goes. Sometimes she will eat chicken that isn't in the form of a nugget or strip. 

I guess that wraps it up. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wordless wednesday

Don't forget to go to the bottom of my blog to turn of my music player. You just have to click on the pause button.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ten on tuesday!

1. Happy birthday, Steph!

2. I love when Peyton sings. My favorite song she sings right now is the Wonder Pets song. It's hilarious because instead of saying, "save the day" she says, "same ol' day". Cory and I laugh every time. I'll try to get a video before she learns the right words. 

3. I also love that Peyton calls half moons "happy moons". 

4. Now that we have baby boy's name picked up I've been feeling anxious about not having anything ready. Peyton's entire room was done by the time I was 25 weeks. I'm pretty sure her car seat was installed in our car, and her clothes and blankets were washed, and boxes of diapers. We still have most of the baby items in the attic. We'll probably have to grab some extra diapers from the hospital and he might just be swaddled in pink blankets, too. :) But, at least he has a name. :)

5. I'm really excited about Peyton's birthday. We aren't really doing anything, but I think this is the first time we have bought her something that we haven't given her within minutes of purchasing it. She is going to actually have presents to open on her birthday! I also bought a pack of balloons and am going to try to sneak into her room without waking her up to fill it will balloons. She's totally going to get a cupcake for breakfast, too. :)

6. I really need it to be about 20 degrees cooler outside.

7. I know what Peyton is going to be for Halloween. She is going to look ridiculously cute! I haven't ordered it, and probably won't for at least a month because it would be almost impossible for me not to dress her up in it and have a photo shoot. 

8. To get a double stroller or not to get a double stroller... still contemplating. 

9. Peyton woke up in the middle of the night crying. When I went to check on her she asked me if she could eat at her table. She was fine after I told her that she couldn't because it was still night time and she needed to go back to sleep. I wonder if she had a bad dream about someone not letting her eat or something.

10. One of Peyton's fish died. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

McWayne Science Center

Saturday was Cory's parent's anniversary and they were kind enough to come down and spend the day with us. We first headed off to Toys R Us, and they bought Peyton a doll house for her birthday. She loves it, and pretty much hasn't played with anything else since we opened the box. Her favorite pieces are the little twin babies, and their bassinets. She took them to bed with her last night. 

After Toys R Us we went to the Mcwayne Science Center. It was pretty cool. There was a lot of stuff for Peyton to do, and she had a blast. I did take some pictures, but mostly just enjoyed the day.

Cory's dad aka Grampy laying on a bed of nails

Cory's mom aka GG taking Peyton for a ride

Our family picture :)

She loved watching herself on the camera

Flying an airplane

Playing at the water table

I though she looked so cute in her little waterproof apron

Grampy and Peyton looking at one of the aquariums

Grammpy, Peyton and GG playing with Mr. Potato Head

A giant light bright, and a giant belly

Ha!  Fulfilling Cory's dream, digging up dinosaur bones. 

 We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch, and I had french toast (the best ever) eggs and bacon. I ate all, but one piece of bacon. There was a time in my life when I couldn't finish all the french toast. : ) Peyton had an accident free day, and did great using the public bathrooms. Hooray for Peyton!!!