Friday, August 13, 2010

Pregnancy Update 36 weeks

Pregnancy: 36 Weeks 2 days

Weight Gain: 33 lbs

Sleep: Some nights are good, most are bad.

Gender: Boy

Name: Noah Thomas

Feeling: Hot, large, and uncomfortable. Seriously, the weather needs to cool down at least 15 degrees. Our electric bill is going to be outrageous. 

Health: We are both doing great. His heart rate is strong, and my blood pressure and weight gain is good. I guess that's really all we can go off of right now. 

Belly: Big! Still having Braxton Hicks all the time... maybe even real contractions because I am progressing. They aren't super painful or consistent enough to time though.

What I am looking forward to: My mom coming. 

What I miss: Being able to get up from the sitting position without having to do a little roll. 

Milestones: In the teens of the countdown. 19 days to go! Noah will be considered full term in 5 days!

Movement: painful when I move, painful when he moves. ha. 

Cravings: New York Steamer from Firehouse Subs. I think I've had it 4 times in the last week and a half. I guess it's better than all the Burger King I ate with Peyton.

Other News: I set up the Pnp in our room, set up the swing, got his carseat ready (but I can't find the newborn insert for around his head) washed his 0-3 month clothes, towel, and some blankets. Bought his baby wash and lotion, burp cloths and have his little diapers all ready to go. If I had him today we would be ok. This weekend we will probably buy the rest of the stuff we need: gowns, swaddling blankets, wash cloths, and maybe a few outfits. Poor little guy doesn't have nearly as many clothes as Peyton did. I went through all of Peyton's clothes and am hoping to sell most of them in our garage sale, so we can get Noah some things as well as some fall clothes for Peyton.

So there's our life. I'll try to get some pictures of my giant self before Noah is born. I know when my mom gets here she will take some. I just hope I don't go into labor before then. 


hwilson718 said...

The last days/weeks are the worst. I can't imagine being that pregnant in this heat! Hang in there! Maybe he'll be early?!?!?!

Krista said...

Thanks for the update! I'm glad you're both doing well, but I'm bery sorry you feel so hot and big. I can't wait to see him, and to compare his newborn face to Peyton's to see if they look alike. Also. I can't wait to hold him. I hope having your mom there is a huge stress relief for you, and tell her to get some good belly shots.

The Stachurskis said...

Yay for the last few weeks! I think your pregnancy has gone by very fast for me! :) I think it's funny you think mine has gone my super fast...I guess it kinda has. It's different when you're running around after another child. Are you having a baby shower for this little one? I have something I'm working on now for him but I'm scared that it won't be ready in time. Anyway, I'm blabing now. Yay for you and Noah doing great! Can't wait to see more pictures.