Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ten on tuesday!

1. Wow, is it really Tuesday again? That was a fast week. I imagine this week is going to go by even faster, and before I know it I will be holding a baby boy.

2. For some unknown reason Peyton calls Willy Wonka "Ta Ta Caroline". I have no idea what it means or where she got it. We've corrected her a few times, but she prefers to call it by her own name. 

3. Holly and Daniel came down last Saturday and hung out. They bought Peyton a moogle (I have to idea how to spell it) for her birthday and she loves it. It's a character from the video game Daniel and Cory play.

4. I know I said it yesterday, but Peyton loves having friends over. She has done a pretty good job at sharing her toys. She was a little bossy yesterday morning, but other than that it's been great. I hope she is this good with her little brother.

5. Both of the kids I'm watching pooped in their diaper yesterday, and then later that night Peyton pooped in her underwear. I couldn't believe. She has never had a poop accident. I hope she didn't do it because she saw me changed the kids earlier. I really don't want to deal with regression when the baby is born. ::sigh::

6. The little boy I am watching is a master frisbee thrower. His skills are amazing, seriously. He also asks me if the pink toys are for boys. ha. He has two older sisters so I wonder if they tell him that their toys are for girls. I just keep telling him that all the toys are for everybody.

7. Last night Cory and Peyton had a dance party, and I laid on the futon while I had sporadic contractions.

8. Peyton loves to pretend she is a dog. I don't mind the panting and barking, it's the licking that I'm not a fan of. bleh.

9. We went to the lego store on sunday, and cory was pretty excited that Peyton liked playing with the legos. I think we're going to get her some for Christmas.

10. eh. I'm done.


Steph said...

1. The weeks do seem to go by quickly!

2. Silly kid.

3. I have no clue what that thing is.

4. That girl is a little social butterfly! I love it!

5. Oh man, hopefully it was just coincidence.

6. I'm not very good at frisbee. I can throw, but can't really catch.

7. I love dance parties.

8. Kayley loves to bark too. When she does it outside she gets the neighbors dogs all wound up. Ha.

9. I love legos. My kids want a big set for Christmas. If she still loves them when she's bigger we could all go to lego land!

10. I know the feeling.

hillary said...

I forgot how she says "here." Funny. Love it.

candace said...

haha, number 8 is great.

Krista said...

Charisse is also a barker. She loves pretending to be a dog, and thinks it's hilarious to lick me and Mel and Ryan. So gross.