Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten Wants on Tuesday

Things I'd love to have.

1. An iPad

2. Patio furniture

3. Extend our fence

4. A Chariot bike trailer

5. This water table for Peyton

6. This dress for Peyton

7. This hat for Levi

8. A new lens

9. A vacation in Tahiti

10. A haircut. What do you think about this? Would it work for me? I have to cut off at least 10 inches, so I can donate it.


Haiza said...

I like that haircut. Super cute & I think it will work for you however it will take work. That isn't one you can just get up & go.

steph said...

Oo, that haircut would look amazing on you! I like your idea for this blog. I think I might do this one day.

erica said...

oh my gosh kim... i'm cracking up because about halfway through my pregnancy with nolan i chopped my hair off... and i used that EXACT picture to show the girl what i wanted! ha! i think you should do it, it would be so cute!

Holly said...

Hey Kim,
I've seen those baby hats on etsy.com. You should look there if you haven't already. And I want to go to Tahiti too. My aunt went there on her honeymoon recently and they stayed in huts like those. *sigh*

kimberlysayre said...

We should go, Holly! I was looking on etsy, that's where I found the dress and hat. :) It's a dangerous place to browse.