Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

This afternoon Peyton participated in her first Easter egg "hunt" which was more like an egg grab. She loved it! I think next year we'll skip the park and do our own in the backyard.

My favorite part of this picture is Steven in the background. He is one cool dude. Peyton loves him, and calls him "Steemus". He was our stroller protector.

I have no idea why she was doing this, but she thought it was great fun, and fake laughed the whole time.

She ditched her hat to get in some good stair climbing, and sliding fun.

Giving me an angry face because I put her hair in a little ponytail.

Excited about getting some eggs.

Cory had to hold her back.

Not happy about having to wait for the "go".

Having toddlers line up around the eggs for 5-10 minutes was torture for them. There were several little ones that made their way onto the field before it was time.

She's trying to pull Cory forward.

Getting mad, and showing us what for by taking off her hat.

Woo hoo, egg grabbing time!

"Put it in your basket, there's more".

"Hurry, there's more over here".

Getting the hang of it, and having a blast. Since there was a 12 limit cap Cory just dropped them out of her basket as she put more in.

Can you see her cute little smile?

"wun, wun, wun"

Good job, Peyton. Let's go show Steven what you got.

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steph said...

How fun! She's getting so big, I can't handle it! I can't wait to see her in her Easter dress!