Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ten on tuesday

1. Our internet has been running sooo slooow the last few days. I don't what is up, but I haven't been able to watch Lost. Bummer.

2.  Peyton and I were in the backyard playing, Daragan pooped, and Peyton turned around and saw it. She said, "there it is, a pine cone". She was about to go pick it up, but I told her it was Daragan's poop, and she said, "eewww gross".

3. What do you do with your 20 month old when your husband is mowing and you want to pull weeds?

4. I didn't really care about the iPad until I went to the Mac store and played with one. ::sigh:: Love it!

5. Elmo is so annoying.

6. The first thing Peyton said to me this morning was, " I don't oatmeal" meaning that she didn't want oatmeal for breakfast.

7. The sales racks aren't flowing this year like they were last year. I guess retailers made less and people bought more. I haven't been able to find anything cute for Peyton's winter wardrobe next year. I guess that's a good thing though because I have no idea what her size is going to be.

8. This morning when I was getting Peyton ready I said, "we need to put your shoes on because I have to go to the doctor.", and she said, "I don't doctor. Target, alllriiight".

9. Glee tonight!!!!!

10. Today we found out that the score is even.


hillary said...

i love target too peyton. there it is.

kristawilbur said...

Didn't this post used to have another picture? Anyhow, I had fun shopping at Target tonight with Charisse because I have to even the score with my purchases, too.

erica said...

was #10 a VERY nonchalant way of saying that you are having a boy??????????