Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

1. "You have one", "what talking about", "sure. you can watch it", "daragan, you crazy". I love when Peyton says these sentences. She talks for me a lot, and uses phrases that I say to her. It makes me laugh. This morning I was eating frosted mini wheats and I gave her one, and she asked for more, but before I could answer she said, "you have one". She always asks for more of something she likes when her hands are already full, so I tell her she has one. Sometimes she'll go on and on talking about something, and I looked at her and she'll say, "what talking about" because I always ask her, "what are you talking about?". You get the idea.

2. The thrift store is fantastic. We bought this desk for 20 dollars, and the chair for 10. We spent like 15 dollars on white spray paint. Awesome, a brand new desk and chair for under 50 dollars!

My current desktop background is my friend's daughter. I took this picture Nov. 2008, it's always been a favorite, but every time I look at it the color never seems right. I was editing it last night, and put it as our background so I could see it big. Obviously it's completely blown because I was getting a picture of the desk not worrying about the monitor.

3. We had a piece of scrap wood in our shed, and I thought it would  make a perfect shelf. We bought the brackets at Lowes for 9 dollars. So here is our 9 dollar shelf, and our 5 dollar bulletin board. Cory just put it up last night, and we just threw a few things on top. I got the old camera and lantern while I was in Masters Commission. Good ol' MC, and the meaningful gifts you get throughout the year... :) Our desk area isn't complete, but I love it! Not having our computer on our bar is nice.

4. I love Peyton's "Big Sis" pajamas. Last night she wore them for the first time. I can't wait to see her with Levi. She's not really into babies, so it will be interesting.

Her hair was in a ponytail yesterday, so she had a nice back fro this morning.

5. Peyton loves snow white, well she loves the "hi- ho's". I guess Grumpy has made an impression on her because she calls all the dwarfs grumpy. She has a Sleepy beanie baby, but she calls him Grumpy. We tried to tell her that his name is Sleepy, but now she says, "Grumpy is sleeping". ha.

6. Today has not been an accident free day. :(

7. Peyton is starting to memorize some of her books. We read every morning, every night, and through out the day. She loves it. I don't love it in the moment, but I know I'll miss these days.

8. Is it weird that I'm excited about seeing how much our electric bill is this month? I can't wait until May 1st, so I can see how much we've saved. I don't think we've used the heater or air conditioner at all this month.

9. Getting really excited about Cali! Hooray for possibly having a few photo shoots while I'm out there!

10. Please pray for Cory's uncle Steve. He is having brain surgery tomorrow to remove a mass.

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steph said...

Kim, I really love how you decorate. You guys are so creative and I love the way you restored Peyton's furniture and that desk. Did you get new hardware for it?

I love Peyton's pjs. I'm so very excited to see you and talk to little Peyton. She seems like she talks as much as Kayley did at that age. A little chatterbox indeed:)