Monday, November 1, 2010

2 Months!

"Little" Noah is two months old today! He had his well check this morning. Peyton was a terror, but Noah did great. He sounded so pitiful when he got his shots. :( So sad. He only cried for a few seconds, and was fine and soon as I picked him up. I didn't cry like I did when Peyton got her 2 months shots. I guess I was too distracted by trying to keep Peyton off the floor. He weighs a whopping 14 lbs 2 ounces! He is exactly one pound more than Peyton was at 2 months. He is 24 inches long which is 1/2 an inch longer than Peyton was.  The doctor couldn't get him to smile. The little guy hardly ever smiles. She didn't seem concerned though because he tracked her voice, and made eye contact with her just fine. She wasn't concerned about his flat head, and said his muscle tone was good. He's a BIG health boy! :) He is wearing all 3-6 month clothes, well aside from the white onesie he is wearing in this picture. He pretty much eats every 3 hours, sometimes a little earlier. We always get a 6 hour stretch of sleep when he first goes to bed for the night. Sometimes he'll sleep 4 hours after that, but usually it's 2.5/3 hours. He still sleeps most of the day only having about an hour of awake time in between naps. He's a calm, content baby, loves his pacifier, doesn't like his swing, prefers laying on the floor on his back, but will tolerate tummy time for a little while. These last 2 months have gone at a normal pace to me. I don't feel like they flew by or anything. It actually seems like Noah has always been here.

My chunky, serious, mellow duder.


Krista said...

Hooray for healthy baby! Glad everything is good. I love that you call him little duder. I think it's so sweet. Miss you guys lots!

Also, I love how he looks so solemn in that picture.

The Stachurskis said...

Yay for fatty healthy babies! He is such a stinkin' cutie!