Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

1. Cory's brother got married last weekend. Peyton was the flower girl... kind of. She decided she was ready to walk down the aisle almost half way through the ceremony. 

Tyler and Caroline at the wedding rehearsal. 
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Caroline made Peyton a flower girl shirt. It's so cute! She cut out a flower from some fabric that she used to make decorations for the wedding, and sewed it on a shirt, and then stitched the word girl below the flower. Caroline is super creative, and makes the coolest things. I wish I would have taken some pictures of all the stuff she made for the wedding. I missed all the good parts of the reception because I was feeding Noah. Such is life. Even when other people are entertaining my children I'm still always watching to make sure they aren't causing any trouble. 

Noah was doing what Noah does.

Everyone got lip whistles to blow when Caroline, and Tyler left the reception. Such a fun idea! Peyton called them pacifiers. ha.

2. Yesterday was rough! I think Noah's legs were really sore because he cried all afternoon, and would only sleep if I was holding, and bouncing him over my shoulder. Poor little guy. I felt so bad for him. Peyton decided she wasn't going to listen to a word I said. It was really fun laying down a screaming baby, and dealing with time outs. It was a bummer day because since I had the car I planned on running errands, and taking the kids to the zoo. I ended up picking Cory up from work early.

3. Our brake lights were out, and we needed an oil change, so after I picked up Cory we headed to Meineke. An hour, and 75 dollars later we were home. 

4. Car maintenance is the worst. It's my least favorite thing to spend money on.

5. It's possible that Noah is actually 14 lbs 12 oz. That's what it says on the little paper the nurse filled out. I thought that when I looked at the scale it said 14lbs 2oz. 

6. We planned on taking the kids to Trunk or Treat that our church out on, but we didn't feel like packing them up, and getting in the car, so we just went trick or treating in our neighborhood. It was so fun! There were tons of kids out. It took Peyton a while to work up enough nerve to say trick or treat to the people passing out candy. Cory said as soon as someone opened the door she just stood there staring at them. She was a pro by the end of the night though. We probably went to 10-15 houses before she decided she was done. 
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Noah. :) 

7. Yesterday I planned on starting the 30 Day Shred, but didn't find/make the time. I could have done it after the kids went to bed, but all I wanted to do was lay on the couch, and watch Gladiator with Cory. 

8. Whenever we watch Gladiator I always think of this skit:

9. Peyton has been potty trained for 4 months, and she is still peeing in her car seat. I don't get it. She does it all the time. Any ideas/suggestions?

10. It's raining, and it's lovely. It makes me miss our tv though. It would be grand to have a fire going while watching a Christmas movie.


The Stachurskis said...

Such cute pictures (of course) of the kids at the wedding rehearsal and halloween! I love Peyton's costume. Oh and that clip is hilarious! I miss SNL's old cast. Bummer about the crazy day. I'll be right there with you soon...oh man. I hope we can see you guys in December! The kids can go crazy with each other and newborns really don't do THAT much. :) I'll just be a fat cow and you'll have to roll me wherever we decide to go.

Haiza said...

I feel the same way about spending $ on car maintenance. It seems as though when you have things figured out and may possible have some extra money your car decide HA! Yeah right, you're going to spend that money on me! And that's just no fun at all!

Anonymous said...

your kids are so cute!

thanks for being so honest on your blog. Sometimes my daughter (2 years old) will toggle between angel and stubborn monkey every 15 minutes and I wonder, "are we the only ones?!

I hope the end of the week blesses you with cooperative kids and (perhaps) a nap or an extra latte.

(did you get rid of your tv as an experiment or a family decision?)


Peyton's Pages said...

Thanks, Amanada. Our tv broke. :( We are still watching movies, and tv shows on the computer. :)