Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 years and 3 months. You make me smile.

Every morning when I open Peyton's bedroom door she greets me with panting and barking. 
She loves to carry things in her mouth, and push things across the floor with her nose. This morning she thought it would be a good idea to wear headphones. I love her silly self, and expanding imagination. 

Funny conversations (to me) that we've had this morning that I don't want to forget.

Peyton: How 'bout that cake som (song)?

Me: I don't know a cake song.

Peyton: You know, happy birthday to you.


Peyton pointing at me with a very serious look on her face: You scream.

Me: haha... I don't want to scream.

Peyton smiling: Wanna yell?


Peyton: I'm the whale. You're the BIG whale. 

Nothing warms my heart more than being called a big whale by my daughter. :)


Peyton: Wanna sing twinkle twinkle little star?

Me: I don't want to sing anymore.

Peyton: Maybe we can watch a movie.

Kim: No thanks, I don't want to watch a movie.

Peyton: But I can.

Nice try kid, I said no movies this morning. :)


My parents sent the kids their Christmas presents since we won't be seeing them at all this holiday season. :( We have been giving Peyton a couple of presents a day. Apparently she knows they are in the playroom closet because she opened it this morning, and pulled out the gift bag.

Me: Oh, what is that?

Peyton: The presents! Yay! We did it, Wonderpets! 


Peyton: I don't want to play in the playroom.

Me: Why don't you read some books?

Peyton looked at her balloon and then threw it at my head.

Peyton: I gotcha. 


Krista said...

I laughed reading every single one of these conversations. I can just picture her saying them all, but the movie one is the best.

Erica said...

she is so funny! i loved all of those. kids are great, & peyton is hilarious :)

The Stachurskis said...

Oh my word! I was laughing the entire time reading these! She is so hilarious! What a personality. Just like Momma.