Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday! Krista Edition

1. I realize that today is Wednesday, but I started this yesterday.

2. It was so great having Krista here for a week. She left yesterday, and I'm bummed. Back to long days at home with the kids, and no adult interaction.

3. Krista came bearing gifts. Noah got new pacifiers, and a super cute "little brother" onesie.  I got a bar of peppermint goat milk soap. I love it!! My hands are always so dry because I was them a million times a day. The goat milk soap leaves them nice and soft. Peyton got a sock money. She's so cleaver, and named it Krista. :P
She brought it to the zoo, but kept abandoning it for sticks, and leaves. Poor little Krista monkey.

4. We ate way too much junk while she was here. 

5. She got me addicted to the game Plants Vs. Zombies. 

6. It was so nice having her entertain Peyton while I fed Noah, and holding Noah while I finished up something with Peyton or well, you know, played Plants vs. Zombies. :)

7.. Our first adventure was the zoo. Peyton and Krista were quick pals.

A few random animals, and a pretty tree. 

8. Adventure #2  was the pumpkin patch.

 Peyton refused to hold Noah. She said she didn't want him as a brother because she had Boots for a brother. Notice how she is sticking Boots in front of him. Aww... how can she resist him? Look at his sweet, cute, chubby face!!

On the hay ride driving out to the patch, so excited! It was the Cotton Festival at Old Baker's Farm that day, and they had a civil war reenactment. They came running through the woods shooting their guns. It was pretty fun.

Picking out Peyton's pumpkin was a hot, long, and tiring experience. She wanted a "tiny little pumpkin", so Cory and I treked all across the pumpkin patch looking for one. All the pumpkins we pointed out were not good enough. I did find a tiny pumpkin, but it was white. "No, an orange one", said Peyton. Finally we found one that she could carry, and Cory and I both got excited, and said, "It's a Peyton pumpkin! Yay!", and she totally went for it. She would have been fine looking for a pumpkin all day because Cory was carrying her. She said it was, "too high stepping". Oh, and we didn't even end up getting the pumpkin. While Krista and I went searching for her pumpkin I found a smaller one for Peyton.

I edited these w/ PW's vintage. The pictures were horrible because of the sun, but I wanted to show you them because I think they're funny. I really wanted to get a cute picture of Peyton holding her pumpkin, but she was so over it. She kept dropping the pumpkin on purpose, so I took her Boots, and then told her I'd give him back if she smiled. Such a mean mommy, and the pictures didn't even come out good. 

Notice the tank top. The cool morning didn't last long. We were all pretty hot, tired, and hungry, so we packed it up after Peyton tried out these two fun toys, and headed to Cracker Barrel. 

9. Adventure #3

Trying to get pictures of the kids together in their Halloween costumes. There is no way I would have been able to do this on my own. I really wanted to get a picture of Noah sitting in Peyton's lap, but she refused, and I wasn't going to try to force her because I'm pretty sure Noah would have been face down in the dirt. She did give him kisses after I bribed her with fruit snacks. I was very thankful that Krista helped me wrangle, prop up, quickly pull out pacifiers, and carry the kids.

10. Wow, that was long. Thanks for coming, Krista! Who's next? Make sure it's in the fall or spring. I kind of feel like Hillary was ripped off when she visited because it was a billion degrees, and I was so hugely pregnant that I just lounged around. The one day that we did go out and do something she was attacked by mosquitos. Sorry, Hillary.


hwilson718 said...

So I think the next visit should be you coming to Dallas, once Noah is a little older. We can hang at the lakehouse. I know Peyton and Addie would have tons of fun together. I check and it's about a 10 hour drive (really long with kids)but maybe southwest has cheap tickets. Maybe Hillary could drive down and visit also.
Hillary comes down for Cowboys games so why not come down to play and see the Cowboys!

Hillary said...

You guys look like you had lots of fun, cute pictures. I still enjoyed being there, even though we just sat around & Peyton peed on my bed, and I love to hate Daragan. I'm sure I will come again someday.

And I do love Dallas... it's only 7 hours from me. Not a bad idea she has there.

Peyton's Pages said...

That would be really fun, Heather! I've never been to Texas. Maybe in the spring when it's not unbearbly hot. We'd have so much fun, and Hillary and I would call you big fat goalie for old time's sake.

Steph said...

Love the pictures, love the kids, love the animals, love Krista. Wish I was there with you. I'm not close enough to go to Dallas but you could carry around a cardboard cut out of me if you wanted to.

The Stachurskis said...

I would totally be the next person to come if I werent going to be hugely pregnant and moving all over CA. :( Definitely next year though! The kids would be older and it would be so much easier having them interact with each other and we can play! ;)

Krista said...

Yay, my very own post (or as Charisse used to say, "my very own one post!"). I am so sad to be back at home... I feel like I should have been woken up this morning by Peyton asking you to open the door for you so she could get me. I'm very sad for Krista monkey. One day Boots' appeal will wear off and back to Krista she will go. I really do feel all the junk food... because now it's junk in my trunk. I can't believe I got you addicted and you beat it before me. The zoo was so fun, and so was the pumpkin patch. I'm pretty sure my two favorite memories of this trip are of Peyton telling you that she didn't want Noah as a brother because she had Boots, and you telling me I'm going to live alone forever.

Paragraph break because that was too long! I loved seeing the kids in their costume. Too bad your skunk was a stinker and cried. Remember when Peyton "found" the graham cracker I put in her pocket and was so surprised? I love it.

The end.