Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ten on tuesday

1. pizza, yum!

2. I had two photo shoots in Huntsville this weekend.

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3. The ladies from Cory's parents' church also threw me a baby shower for Noah this weekend. Noah got a ton of cute new clothes, and diapers (yay!). Peyton was loving the chocolate covered pretzels, and hanging out with the big girls. 
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Noah's new hat from Holly and Daniel. So cute! I accidently put it on backwards though. oops.

4. Not to wish life away, but I want it to be April tomorrow. 

5. Noah's not wanting to sleep today, and Peyton's not wanting to listen. 

6. Did you know Tina Fey's husband is only 5 feet tall? I just found out today. 

7. Did you know the Beatles are on itunes now? I never knew they weren't. 

8. I don't know how many weeks Noah is. I think I referred to Peyton's age in weeks until she was 16 weeks old. 

9. Cory and I saw Morning Glory with Holly, Daniel and Erin. I liked it. I think the last movie I saw in the theatre was Invictus. I was definitely due. A big thanks to Cory's parents for watching the kids.

10. Darkness at 5 is no fun.


Krista said...

1. Tasty. What kind?

2. Cute! Is that snow on the ground in the second one?

3. Your kids are so cute! And look at little Noah, holding his head up like a pro!

4. Me, too.

5. Boo to both of those things. Pinch Peyton and make Noah stand in the corner.

6. I didn't know that. Wow. He's almost as short as Aimee!

7. I did know this, but mostly because I read way too much gossip stuff.

8. Noah is... almost 11 weeks old? He was seven weeks when I was there.

9. I want to see that!

10. WORD.

Steph said...

1. Oh yes. It is yum.

2. Love it!

3. How great is that?! Especially the diapers!

4. Am I missing something? What's in April?

5. Sorry:(

6. Wow, that's short. Shorter than me (and not many people are).

7. Hmm.

8. This has nothing to do with this but I find it funny when clothing says 48 months. Kids who are 4 are not referred to as months old.

9. I haven't seen either of those.

10. Serio dog.

Erica said...

beautiful photos from your shoot in huntsville. did erin tell you our text conversation about what diapers to get noah? ha!

The Stachurskis said...

Ok, I NEED you to do maternity pictures for me! :) So just come on over and we'll take em k?! I second the what's in April? It would be nice to be there already though. I'd have had the babe and know what "it" is AND it would be H's birthday! Noah's hat is adorable! Yay for more diapers! I never thought that I would love them as a present so much. :) Sorry to hear the little people aren't cooperating, I'm struggling with H's sleep too. It's ridiculous. Oh and I didn't even know Tina Fey was married! But dang 5' that's crazy.