Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm going to be watching my friend's baby every Friday. Last week was her first day. She is a month old,  so she still sleeps a lot. There was only one hard part during the day. She and Noah woke up at the same time, and wanted to eat. They were both crying so I picked up Juliana and Peyton went into her room to give Noah his pacifier. I was making Juliana's bottle while holding her, and I could hear Noah screaming. I was calling Peyton, but she wasn't answering so I went into her room, and she hovering over him holding/shoving Noah's pacifier in his mouth with her pointer finger. He screaming around it, trying to push it out. Poor little duder. I don't think I'll be taking up Peyton's offer of giving Noah his pacifier anymore. 

This is a really bad picture of both of them, but check out that size difference!

2. I ordered our Christmas cards, and I can't wait to get them! Every time I hear a loud truck I run to the nearest window to see if it's a UPS or FedEx truck turning into my driveway. 

3. Noah is smiling a lot more these days. So cute! It's so hard to catch them on camera though. This is the best I got. I love his little bulgy eyes.

4. Last Saturday we went to the mall so the kids could get a picture with Santa. It is a horrible picture, but I wanted to buy it anyway. I wish I would have been more assertive, and asked them to move their camera, so there wasn't a huge gap on the right side while Peyton was practically being cut off on the left. Oh well, live, learn and then get Luvs. Noah has his head completely turned and is looking at a Christmas tree, and Peyton has a pouty lip and tears streaming down her cheeks. 

5. The mall was already crazy busy. I'm not sure if it's because Christmas is just around the corner, a lot of the stores were having amazing sales (Gap had 40% off everything!) or because their wasn't an Alabama or Auburn game. I don't think we'll go back to the mall until after the holidays. 

6. I rearranged the playroom, and Cory hung up new book shelves. It feels much bigger and looks cleaner. My favorite part is the book shelves. It's a rain gutter cut in half, a cap on each side, and screwed to the wall. Pretty cool, huh! I don't remember the blog that I saw it on or else I'd give them credit. 

7. I tthought Noah might enjoy story time before Peyton went to bed last night.
I was wrong.

8. Noah slept so great on Saturday night, and I thought we were on our way to him sleeping all night long. Not so much. He has been sleeping horrible the last couple of nights! Oh, pacifier, you are such a blessing and a curse.

9. The other night Cory took Peyton with him to Publix. She meant to bring her dollhouse "daddy" with her, but forgot him at home. Cory said while they were shopping down and aisle she cried out, "Where my baby daddy, where my baby daddy". He said the people that were in the same aisle starting laughing, as he was trying to explain (loudly) that she left her dollhouse daddy at home. 

10. I could not stop eating yesterday. Gearing up for the holidays I guess. 


Anonymous said...

1. She looks so tiny next to your beast!

2. I can't wait to get yours, too! I will put it on the fireplace at home 'til after Christmas, and then move it to my office.

3. His face is so cute. It's funny, when he's alone I think he looks just like Peyton, but when you posted those pictures side by side yesterday, they look so different. I think he will have crazy eyebrows like Peyton, though, which is okay because it makes her face so expressive!

4. What, you're not gonna post it? haha.

5. It's getting that way here, too. Yuck.

6. I like it! It does look bigger. Where the tent with all of the stuffed animals?

7. I guess reading isn't his thing yet.

8. Fingers crossed it starts soon!

9. I have to tell you, I just laughed out loud as I read this one. Seriously, your daughter is hilarious, whether she knows it or not.

10. Just one more and you'll never eat it again...

Peyton's Pages said...

I took the tent down because she rarely played in it. I bought that lion hamper from Target, and put all the stuffed animals that she plays with in there.

Holly said...

Hahaha, love the "baby daddy" incident. And I love the book shelves! I saw that done in a classroom and wanted to do that in my own classroom some day. And as always, you got some cuuuuute kids!

Erica said...

i just literally laughed out loud at the baby daddy story! sooo funny!

Hillary said...

Baby daddy. Good one Peyton. Noah looks so big and cute! I'd like to meet him one day, before he outweighs me.