Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ten on tuesday

1. Our seats got changed and Cory and I are no longer sitting next to each other on the plane. :( Since Peyton is a lap baby I can only sit on the left side because of the extra oxygen masks. Pray that they are able to find two seats together once we get to the airport or that someone will switch with Cory!!

2. Peyton is in a screaming mood today. Not a crabby, crying scream... a loud joyful scream. I imagine it's only the beginning of high pitched squeals. My ears are bleeding already from the thought of slumber parties.

3. We didn't get called to pick up Peyton from the nursery last Sunday. I didn't notice anyone's number come up on the screen though. I'm thinking it was either broken or they wanted everyone to have the chance to take communion. She was crying when I dropped her off, and crying when cory went to pick her up. :/ She looked super cute though!

I love her hair in pigtails, and I love this dress on her!

These pictures were taken after church, and after lunch, so she looks a little scraggily.

I know the picture quality is terrible, but I wanted you to see her in her cute dress and cowboy boots.

I still need to work on getting her pigtails even, and a cute part in the back. I'm not working with much hair though, and she cries while I do it. :( No pain, no beauty, right?

4. I love Peyton's wagon! I just walked to Walgreens with her and Jaida, and was able to pick  up a few things for our trip.

5. I hate packing. It's so hard trying to decide what you'll actually need. We have to pay for every single piece of luggage, so I'm going to try to pack as little as possible.

6. Peyton loves her pack n' play. I tried to do a time-out in there, and she didn't want to come out. :/ I don't think it was very effective.

7. Today hasn't asked to watch a movie today. It's only 12:30pm, but she usually asks to watch one as soon as she wakes up.

8. Peyton is a climbing machine these days. She still can't make her way up on to the couch yet.

9. My house looks like a disaster. I have presents, clothes, craft supplies, diapers and toys everywhere! Speaking of diapers, Peyton loves her Luvs because they have Blue's Clues on them. She carries them all over the house... and leaves them all over the house.

10. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!


Ashley said...

My gosh Peyton is so cute! I can't wait till J starts feeling better so I can take picture's again! Snotty faces are not cute lol.

kimberlysayre said...

Peyton's nose is running too. I just wipe away, snap a picture, and clone out what I missed. :) Take pictures of Jordan! I miss your frequent updates!

Krista Wilbur said...

I love her pigtails! She is so cute, and she has such an adorable smile!

candace said...

i like the last picture a lot.

Steph said...

1. Bummer. I remember that happened to me too when I went to MO when Kayley was a babe.
2. I don't think you'll have to wait that long. Another sibling will add so much you'll wish you were deaf.
3.I'm glad you were able to sit through the whole service! She's stinkin' cute in those pig tails.
4. Wagon walking is fun. I did that a lot when the kids were littler.
5.It's ridiculous that they charge you money per bag. Lame.
6.Oh no! Count it a blessing that she likes it. Throw her in there when you need a break!
7.Watch Bob? Watch Beggie Tales?
8. I love these pictures. She looks like she's having a grand old time!
9. I love Blue's Clues. I especially love mimicking the dog sounds.
10. Merry Christmas to you too, my friend!