Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ten on tuesday!

1. Peyton has a cold and a double ear infection. :( Poor girl. It's no fun having a sick baby.

2. Today is going to be a movie watching day.

3. She's almost outgrown her bouncer. :)

Wearing her new outfit from Nana and Grandaddy.

poor sick little eyes. Even in her sickness she requested two "bows".

4. Her ear drops were $125.00, and I can't even give them to her by myself, so she only gets pain relief at night. Boo! I'm sure the mortin is helping some. But for 125 dollars I'd like her to have relief all day! Maybe I'll figure something out.

5. It's amazing how warm the high 50s and low 60s feel in the winter.

6. On Saturday night Cory and I saw Invictus with Tyler and Caroline. I liked it. Cory and I haven't been to the movies since last Thanksgiving. It was nice.

7. Saturday we celebrated Christmas with Cory's family. Like all major events, I didn't take many pictures.

Riding in her new wagon that she got from Grampy and GG. She loves it. Isn't it the coolest wagon ever?!

Here's a really good picture of Cory and Tyler. ha!

8. Thursday and Friday are my last days watching Josh. He is going to start going to a center.

9. Live, Learn and then get Luvs. We found another diaper that doesn't give Peyton a rash. Yay! Luvs are a lot cheaper than pampers.

10. Everything I've given Peyton to eat or drink she has thrown across the room. :( I really hope she starts feeling better. I don't want her to get dehydrated.


Haiza said...

So sad for your sick little one. She's still a cutie.
LOVE the wagon!
Pic of Tyler & Cory is hilarious.
And HOORAY! for the movies. I heart movies so very much.

Ashley said...

Bummer about Peyton, I can't give Jordan her milk and she won't drink anything else but water. I tried giving her some warm broth in a cup but all she would do is carry the cup around lol.

We got Jordan the same red wagon for Christmas!

steph said...

Will she drink pedialite? My kids loved the cherry kind. And Luvs reallyu do rock. They are made by pampers, too. My kids wore them.