Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 on tuesday.

1. Happy birthday, Hillary!

2.. Biggest Loser finale tonight! :) Oh what an exciting life I live.

3. Peyton has 3 Christmas presents under the tree. I almost let her open them this morning. We've already given her most of her presents. ::sigh::

4. We get called to pick Peyton up from the nursery every Sunday. She hates it. This week Milca said she was pulling her in a wagon, and every time they passed a door to the sanctuary she would call for me. We'll try again next week. ::sigh::

5. I'm very excited about having a white Christmas. 17 more days!

6. Yesterday I had apple pie for lunch. I think I might have the same thing today. :)

7. I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow and having the car.

8. I want to visit Lindsay in Italy. Anyone else want to go?

9. Which is a better: an exercise bike or treadmill? I found one of each on craigslist for pretty cheap.

10. The end.


erica said...

an elliptical! and you can buy it from us cuz we're selling ours! LOL

Ashley said...

Lord your bad ;) Jordan has a few presents under the tree but I refuse to give them to her, but my mom keeps trying lol.

steph said...

I say a bike. It's easier on your knees. But then again I'm an old hag and my knees hurt when I run. Erg.