Sunday, December 20, 2009

Peyton Funnies

Peyton has a little elmo that talks. She likes it when he says "la la la la", but when he says "yahoowie" it freaks her out. I usually leave it turned off, but tonight I turned it on, and he said "yahoowie", so she grabbed it, put it in her tent, said bye, and walked away. It was SO funny!

Peyton asks to watch movies all day long. We usually limit her tv time to one dvd a day. I am constantly telling her to put them back. Yesterday she brought me a movie and said, "put back?".

Peyton had already reached her tv time x2, so when she brought me a movie I told her no. So she went and asked Cory, and not realizing I had already said no, he told her yes. She said "thank you", and went in sat in her bouncer. I swear she had a smirk on her face! Yes, Cory and I definitely need to work on being on the same page all of the time or we are in trouble. They work it young!

Peyton has learned how to climb up on the coffee table. I turned around to see her dancing on it the other day. :/

If we sing the Veggie Tales theme song Peyton will either say "bonk" at the end or do a fake laugh like the kids do.

On our way home from church today I asked Peyton what she wanted to eat, and she said, "french fries". It's funny how most kids love french fries. She's a big fan of ketchup too. I suppose it's a staple for kids.

I just love her.


kristawilbur said...

I just love her, too, and wanna pinch those cheeks... I REALLY hope you can come out in May! I wish I could do a spring break trip in March, but I don't think that's gonna be possible with the craziness of work. Boo.

kimberlysayre said...

I'm not going to make it in May, but I'll be there in June! Sorry. I wish I could go to your graduation.

Ashley said...

Those are all really funny! I can't wait till Jordan starts saying thing lol. Totally cute pic ;)

steph said...

Oh my gosh. Your child is freakin' cute.

steph said...

I love how she's big enough now for cute stories. Remember when you thought you didn't have enough fun stuff to blog about? Well, now you do.