Wednesday, December 9, 2009

She Insisted

Peyton loves to play with her bows. She loves to take them out of her little jar and put them back in and close the lid. This afternoon she kept bringing me bows to put in her hair.

The final product.

After I took this picture I showed it to her, and she started giggling. I love that she is so silly already.


kristawilbur said...

Your daughter is stinkin' awesome, Kimmy kim!

Haiza said...

ultimate cuteness! And of course she's already silly and I'm sure she'll be hilarious as she grows up. Her parents are comedy! :)

Ashley said...

How cute! Do you think they recognize picture's of themselves at this age? I catch Jordan looking at this one picture on the shelf of her and Derek, she stares and smiles and giggles at it lol