Saturday, December 5, 2009

16 Months

What is Peyton up to at 16 months? Lots! Just last week I was saying that Peyton isn't much of a climber... she is now trying to climb up onto everything! Figures. She loves to test the limits everyday, and make light of the situation by laughing about it. nice. She's pretty obedient though. Her tantrums are still very mild; she gently plops herself down, and says, "wowe" and then a short lived fake cry follows. Then she gets up and says "all done". love her. She is starting to put words together. "hi daddy" " it's ready". She loves the song "You've Got a Friend in Me". She sings "men me me". Watching her sing "Happy and You Know It" is the cutest thing ever! She has new words everyday. My favorite words she says are "cold (towd)" and "store (stow)".

Today she picked out her own outfit. Everyone needs "a little bit of ugly" day. :)


hillary said...

ha. sweet outfit. love the ugly days, always said we'd have them.

candace said...

haha, i love her outfit. it looks like she loves it too.

candace said...

btw, i think she looks a lot like cory in the third one.