Sunday, December 13, 2009

Splashin' in the Puddles

Peyton found a puddle in the driveway. She had a lot of fun stomping in it.

"Alright, Peyton, it's time to go."

"Come here."

thanks for obeying. :/

She decided to turn around and come back. :)

She looks thrilled about her choice, doesn't she?

"cheese" For real! I started cracking up. In the past I've told her to say cheese while taking pictures to keep her attention. Today she saw the camera and without prompting said "cheese". Love her! Aren't her little dimples the cutest!

I know this one is really blurry, but it makes me smile.

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Ashley said...

How cute ;) I wish I could take Jordan for a walk on our street but people in cars fly down our street and it scares me :(