Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ten on tuesday!

1. Peyton's birthday is in 50 days! 

2. Thursday will mark 4 years of wedded bliss for Cory and I.

3. We are going camping for the first time this Saturday. I'm super excited!

4. We bought a bike trailer last night. Happy anniversary to us. :) I can also use it as a stroller which is super great because two kids can fit in it. I now can go on walks with the girls, and take them to the park! Yay!

4. Polar bears and penguins love the ice. Brrr it's cold, and that's so nice.

5. Congratulations to Kayley for graduating Pre-School last Friday!

6. Tyler and Caroline came over last night, and we ate cheeseburgers, big ol' corn (corn on the cob), and chips in the sweltering heat. I loved it though. Summer time is fun! We had to make our s'mores in the microwave because we didn't have a fire. They didn't taste as good, but that didn't stop me from eating two.

7. Jaida came to my house this morning with 4 brand new teeth, 4! Wow! I'm sure Peyton's will show up soon.

8. Almost every time I go in to Peyton's room to get her up from her nap she is standing in her crib saying, "done, done, done".

9. My bike needs a new tube or tire or both. It's also in need of a desperate tune up. 

10. I feel very happy today.

1 comment:

CORY said...

haha. a "desperate tune up" huh? ls that when the bike guys are like, "omg we have just got to tune this bike up right now, lets do it desperately." happy early anniversary. love ya. mean it. and i was wondering; just what WOULD stop you from eating 2 smores?