Friday, June 12, 2009

Oak Mountain

Last weekend we went to Oak Mountain with "Auntie" Aimee, and her dog, Dublin. We hadn't been since I was in my second trimester. We had her new umbrella stroller, and it worked pretty good through the gravel roads and root filled paths, but it wasn't the easiest thing to do, so we only went on one trail. We went to the little lake before our hike, and let Dublin run around. Peyton got in the water for a minute too.

Getting lathered up in sunscreen. Do you think I put too much on her? I am paranoid about melanoma after watching Grey's Anatomy. Of course, I don't put suncreen on myself...I should probably do that.


I thought you was a ghost.


Completely gross, I know. I wanted to see if the mud would bother her. She loved it. Next time we go we're going to have our suits on and go to the beach area. We couldn't go over there this time because dogs aren't allowed. 




Yes, I realize her straps are too loose. We were careful, and did a lot of tilting back, they will be fixed. I know you guys make fun of me for all her hats, but I've gotta protect her new baby skin.


Auntie Aimee, and Dublin.



"Kim, are you coming". I got a lot of that. :) I was trying to get a picture with sun flare in it, but it was too dark in the woods, and my shutter speed was set really slow, so all I got was a bunch of blur. 


Annnd, no pictures of me . Aimee did offer though, but Alabama is hot and humid, and I was looking quite frazzled. 


Ash said...

Ok eww mud, but I'm a clean freak so I'm sure it was fun ;P Lol and who's giving grief about the hats? I LOVE the hats! I put all kinds on Jordan, hats are it!

MOM said...

try a bullfrog stick for Peyton's face instead of lotion super easy