Monday, June 1, 2009

memphis in may

We're back. It was a long drive, but we made it. We had a really good time, and it went by way too fast. ::sigh::  Poor little Peyton was so exhausted the entire time, but she did really well. Having a tired baby isn't so bad when you have 3 friend there to help you out. A few minor meltdowns was worth it in the end. This is definitely something I have reserved for girl's weekend with my friends though. : )

I didn't take very many pictures, and the ones that I did aren't very good. Why is it that I don't take pictures of things that I want to remember the most? Hopefully there will be so good ones on Aimee and Candace's cameras.

Hillary and Peyton. 




Hanging out by the pool on day #2.



Peyton and Candace or "dada" as Peyton likes to call her.



Saying goodbye outside of Candace's new H3.


But not before I finally get to set up my tripod and have a photo shoot with a few of my besties.


Having a good time dancing and forgetting about all the people passing by.


I thought the rest needed to be black and white just to change it up a bit.



I ran to the car to grab my sunglasses that I got from the Longhorn lost and found. My head and face is definitely too little to look good in sunglasses. Cory said Aimee and I look like we are sisters in this picture...funny, he didn't think we looked like triplets with Hillary. I guess one has to be drunk in Hollywood to think that.



Steph said...

It looked like such great fun! I love that I can't see Peyton's face in the ones of all of you.

Candace said...

Ohh I love all these pictures, especially the photo shoot ones. Peyton probably loved me. I mean just look at how she smiles when I hold her...

widdlebiddle said...

Looked like fun. Always good to have friend to do stuff like that with ;)

hillary said...

i think you have to be drunk and missing teeth to think that we are triplets. i like the pictures and my jelly roll. classssic hillary. also i love that peyton appears to be more of a prop than anything else in our dancing pictures.

hillary said...

p.s. kim you love your pervish tri-pod and candace's big cleavage is showing.