Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Park Day

Jada went home early today, so when Cory got home we headed to the park. The weather was pretty nice too. We didn't start sweating until we were half way around the trail. That's pretty good for summer time in the south. :)

I picked a flower for Peyton.







I'm pretty bummed this one is out of focus. I think she looks so cute!




Doesn't she look so big in this picture! I love that she held on to her flower the entire time. Such a sweet girl. After I took this shot we went down the slides a couple times and then put her back in her stroller. Wood chips are just too tempting...


The park gets more fun every time we go! Toddler time is coming up quick!


hillary said...

she's getting so big. i also love her big toothless smile. i bet when they come in they'll be big as mine. jk lol. i don't speak that into her life. i wish i was going home in august to see you guys again!

erica said...

my goodness she was so sweet carrying that flower around with her! awwwww she is so precious kim!

haiza said...

I love her little shoes. too cute!

Linz said...

great pictures Kim! She is of course adorable as ever and those shoes! Perfection!

Ash said...

Freaking cute! Your so good with your camera, I wish you were in town I could use someone good with a camera to take pictures of our ceremony. I would but I need to be IN the picture for once lol.

kimberlysayre said...

When is the ceremony? I'll be there in August.

Ash said...

Haha I know, but it's in May of 2010. I have a good camera I just need someone with knowledge of how to use it or one of there own. I'm not spending $3000 on a pushy photographer again that took pictures that I could have done better on and didn't even give me my cd and never gave Mama D her copies of the picture's.

kimberlysayre said...

It's not until next year? Well, you never know, I may be out there at that time.