Friday, February 25, 2011

Five (plus a couple combined) Things I Love About...


1. I love that when you get super happy your smile takes up your entire face, and you let out a squeal.

2. I love the dark brown freckle near your knee.

3. I love your big eyes and pretty eyelashes.

4. I love your super sweet demeanor.

5. I love your little sausage toes.


1. I love your imagination.

2. I love the way you dance.

3. I love that you are an encourager. "That's good coughing, Noah."

4. I love how much you like to read.

5. I love your self esteem. "I'm good at being hungry."


1. I love that instead of staying at work late you go in super early so that you can spend more time with us.

2. I love that you can play any instrument you pick up and that you can sing well. (Even though I ask you to stop often. It's only because I'm on sensory overload)

3. I love that you are usually always happy, and your bad moods don't last more than 10 minutes. 

4. I love your skin color (is that weird? ha.) and the two little moles on your cheek that are near your nose.

5. I love that you're not a picky eater, and say that everything I make is good.


Steph said...

This is so sweet, Kim. You have a beautiful family!

Krista said...

Oh goodness, I just love this post! I also think you have a beautiful family!

Haiza said...

Too cute!

Hillary said...

Precious. You forgot Daragan. I'll do it for you.

1. I love that I love to hate you.
2. I love that you like to eat Candace's birth control.
3. I love that you are a skinny bitch but can lick plates al day long.
4. I love that you have itchy ears.
5. I love that you should probably wear diapers on your hershey's kiss.

There, now its finished. You're welcome.

Peyton's Pages said...

Hahaha! Hillary, that was amazing. She needs a diaper right now because she has a horse hoof.

Holly said...

Daniel has the same #5 as Cory. He even had to wash my dinner one time and STILL ate it! (I burnt sauce that was all over pasta...he rinsed the pasta off in a colander) :\