Thursday, February 3, 2011

Embracing Winter

It is cold. I know it's not as cold as the rest of the country, but cold is still cold even if there is colder. Instead of being angry at winter I'm going to embrace it. I'm trying to enjoy the season I am in because with every new one there is good and bad, well I don't find much bad in the south's fall and spring, but anyway. Instead of complaining about the things I don't like about winter...

Things I enjoy about winter:

1. No bugs!

2. My kids staying in fleece pajamas all day, it makes for good cuddling. 

3. Watching movies while a fire burns in the fireplace

4. Enjoying the heat from the stove and oven while cooking

5. Hot Chocolate

6. Heavy blankets on the bed

7. Burning candles

8. Hiding chub easier with layers of clothing

8. Hot baths

9. Eating at Panera Bread. Its just so cozy in there. 

10. Don't have to pull weeds or mow the grass (though I do like mowing the lawn)

If I lived where it snowed I would add: building snowmen with the kids, sledding, and snowboarding. 

This picture is from when we were in Clearwater for Christmas. Just relaxing in the parking garage, sipping a cup of pretend tea.


Steph said...

I love the picture of Peyton.

I'm glad you're embracing winter. I don't think I ever will, even when we move to Idaho. Cold is no bueno.

The Stachurskis said...

What an awesome picture! I'm a winter lover. I love layers, cold and all that jazz. I'm glad you've come to the other side on it! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the layout changes and header photos.

And that last pic of Peyton is so cute. :)

PS I like winter.

Candace said...

I agree, winter is hard to embrace. All of your pictures are just great. You're probably a pro.