Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ten for Today!

1. Noah turned 6 months old yesterday! He has his well check on Friday, though he's not so well. I'll dedicate a post to his little self soon.

2. Yesterday was rough. I've had to help Noah go back to sleep no less than five times for a week now. My patience is suffering. Peyton didn't take a nap yesterday and she was a mess. Crying about everything. Noah woke up at 2:30pm, and wanted me holding him or doing nothing else but looking directly at him while talking. It was a very not fun afternoon. When Cory came home he let me go to Khols and Super Target. They're about a half hour away. I was gone for 3 hours. I'll have to go back to Target soon to return half of the things I bought. ha. 

3. I bought Noah a super cute outfit. I love spring clothes for boys! So many cute things for Easter. I have to return the shoes though because his feet are too chubby, and he curls his toes. I remember it being so hard to put my little brother's shoes on because he would always curl his toes. 

4. Nothing says buy my house like a front yard full of dandelions.

5. All the trees (I'm not sure what kind) around us are blooming. They look so pretty, but smell horrible. Like disgusting! 

6. My other blog is so neglected. My camera battery died, and I couldn't find the charge for a couple of days(because I didn't look very  hard), and then it took me a couple of days to charge it. I lost my motivation. I'm going to start it back up, and just consider February a loss. 

7. I've heard great things about dry shampoo. I tried it, and it didn't work for me. Too bad, so sad.

8. I have loads of laundry staring at me, waiting for me to fold, hang and put it away. 

9. I was so excited about this month's electric bill because our weather has been so great. I was disappointed. It was lower than it has been, but more than I was hoping for. Oh well, I was still under budget.

10. This was a very boring ten. I'll leave you with some pictures that didn't make it on the new header.

This was before the hair pulling. She just didn't want me to take her picture.
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Steph said...

What's dry shampoo? I'm going to Google it.

I love the pictures! Noah is so stinkin' cute. I wonder if he'll be over taking pictures by the time he's two also:)

Hillary said...

Noah is so cute. Too bad he will be 14 before I meet him. Those trees that have like white blooms on them? Those smell like freaking fish or something. Bleh.

Haiza said...

I love the pictures of the kids. Is that mean that I think she's cute when she cries? Maybe cause I can't hear her. LOL j.k

Are the pretty but smelly trees purple?

Peyton's Pages said...

It ia the white ones, Hilary! Gag! Haiza, it could be the prupleish pink ones, too. I'm not sure because the one we have is white,

Haiza said...

Those purple ones are so pretty and reek!!! But I think I know the white ones you're talking about and those are smelly also.

Quilted YaYa said...

Use the dandelions to make a salad. As long as no one has put poison on the yard to kill them. : ) Love the pictures!