Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ten On Thursday!

1. Sorry about the blog slacking. I don't know why my time feels like its spread so thin. I can't seem to keep up with anything. 

2. Peyton had her free photo shoot that she won on Tuesday. It was lots of fun, and a nice break from being the one taking the pictures. It's going to be tough trying to decide which ones to order. Once they're on Mandii's blog I'll post the link. I tried to get the link from fb, but I can't get it to work.

3. I didn't do the 30 Day Shred yesterday. Sad for me. I got to cleaning and forgot about it. 

4. I really need the rest of February and March to hurry up and be over. I haven't seen my dad and little brother since July of last year, and my mom since Noah was born.  Plus I haven't seen Steph, and the kids since May of last year! That is far too long!!

5. Super stoked about going to Disneyland while we're in Cali. We're staying at Disney's Grand California Hotel & Spa for 2 nights, and we'll have 3 days of Disneyland and California Adventure fun. It will be nice to be able to take Peyton to the hotel for an afternoon nap, and have somewhere to pump and store milk for Noah. I'm sure Noah will knock out in the stroller throughout the day. 

6. Since there was only a handful of pretzels left in the bag I gave the entire thing to Peyton at lunch. 

Peyton: I ate the sprinkles from the pretzels.

Me: That's salt.

Peyton: Salt is not good.

Me: I don't really like salt either.

Peyton: Well, I like salt. You like lettuce. You're like a rabbit. 

7. I guess I should consider Peyton's nap time a fail today. She's been talking to herself for 2 hours. 

8. I know Noah's is a big guy, and he has a big head which sometimes leads to slower gross motor skill development, but I'm starting to get worried about him. What else is new? I was always worried about something with Peyton when she was a baby. Anyway, he just seems really behind to me. He was doing so good a couple of weeks ago working on his sitting skills. Now when I sit him up on the floor he puts his head between his legs. :/ He kind of leans to the side in his highchair, too, and he isn't pushing his body up with his arms at all. I'm anxiously waiting for his 6 month well check. I'm sure everything will check out fine, and I'll get the "all kids develop and their own pace" speech. But if he does need EI I want to get the ball rolling.

9. In other Noah news, he is quite fond of his hands. He just stares and twists them in amazement. I'm sure if he could reach his toes he'd love those too. Too bad his 5 roll belly gets in the way. :) I cannot wait until he can sit up so I can take a shirtless picture of it. It is so, so scrumptious!

10. Spring has sprung in the South. Looking forward to some spring cleaning this weekend! Seriously.


Steph said...

Hooray for spring! I love the convo about the salt. That's so funny!

I can't wait till you come visit, Kim! I want to hold that little big guy and have a conversation with your very cute two year old.

Whatsfordinner said...

i'm so glad you mentioned that your daughter's nap was kind of iffy. my daughter is about 2.5 years old and some of her naps are like 3 hour coma parties while other days she is bouncing all over the place and talking all but maybe 15 minutes. I really like your blog - cute kids and cute posts. :)