Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 Months

My baby is 5 months old! I can believe it. Ha. I remember the first 6 months of Peyton's life going at a steady slow pace, and then the time just started flying. Maybe it's because its winter or maybe its because they both are slow with the gross motor skills so it seems like they are young for longer.

Noah is still not sleeping through the night, well at least not what I think is sleeping through the night. He always goes at least 7 hours at first, and some would consider that sleeping through the night, but I don't. He needs to go at least 10 hours for me. He's come so close a couple of times, but I can usually count on him waking up sometime between 2-4am. It is not fun. I can't tell if its out of habit or if he really is hungry. He'll always accept something to eat. I'm so tired and out of it I don't know if he is actually taking in a full feeding or just a little habitual snack. He started rice cereal a few days ago. He seems to enjoy the first few bites. He tried avocado yesterday. He didn't seem to be much of a fan. I'm determined to make him a better eater than Peyton. I think I'll keep offering it to him until he likes it, and then move on with something else. We'll see. I'm definitely going to hold of the sweet stuff for now. It's all greens for this guy for a little while. 

He is finally rolling from tummy to back. Cory saw him roll back to belly, but he only did it once. He's just super content to chill out on his back. He's turning his body sideways more to look around though. 

He has the cutest little baby laugh! It is soo sweet! He's a very ticklish little guy. He's also pretty emotional. I don't remember if Peyton was this way, but Noah will be smiling at laughing at something, and then all of the sudden he will start pouting, and his eyes will fill up with tears. I guess he just gets overwhelmed easily. 

His hair has grown a lot. I know you guys probably won't see it, but I've noticed. It looks so funny to me. He is wearing mostly 6-12 months, some 9 month Carters clothes, and he can squeeze into a few 6-9 months stuff. He can still wear is 6 month Carters fleece pajamas though. I don't get it. He's in a size 3 diaper, and I'm not sure of his foot size.

I  just bought Peyton's new car seat, so Noah will probably be moving into her Marathon soon. The infant seat is getting way to heavy to carry, so I think I'd rather move him into a convertible than just leave the infant seat in the car. I only like that seat for the convenience. We'll see. I might just try to get through the winter first. 

I just love his cute, chubby, huggable, kissable, squeezable self to pieces!!

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Steph said...

I can't beleive he's alread five months. What a cute little duder. (I like that you call him that, too.)