Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ten on tuesday!

1. I cut Peyton's hair on Sunday. She didn't even notice because she was watching Diego. It's a little crooked, but I still love it. Here's a nice action shot. 

2. Noah is 5 months old today! He'll get his very own post tomorrow.

3. This morning Peyton asked for "another last bite" of my cereal. 

4. I tried taking Peyton's 2.5 year old pictures, and it was a total fail. My tricks don't work on her anymore. She would do what I asked her, but she would not look at my camera. She was more interested in playing "pirate play" than having her picture taken. 

She looked down, up, and away...

and did lots of stick playing.

5. Peyton said: Broccoli is a snack.

Me: Broccoli is a vegetable. 

Peyton: Carrots are vegetables, too. Blueberries are fruit, and Ketchup is a... uh, a sauce!

6. I really need to clean my camera lenses. There is a Peyon fingerprint right in the middle of my 50mm.

7. Some new grass is sprouting in our backyard! I'm hopeful that it will all grow in this year. I can't wait until it's time to bust out the inflatable kiddie pools!

8. Peyton hasn't taken a nap since Friday. She's had quiet time in her room, but hasn't fallen asleep. She still needs afternoon sleep. She is a little pill in the evenings. She went to bed at 6:45pm last night, and was asleep by 7, and didn't wake up until 7:45am. She woke up in a great mood, and is being so sweet. I hope the napping strike is over, and she sleeps for me this afternoon.

9. I love that Peyton always calls our car by it's name, Lola. My friends and I always name our cars, but I rarely refer to my car by her name. It makes me smile when Peyton does. 

10. Number ten, number ten, you get me every time.


The Stachurskis said...

Stinkin, freakin, amazin pictures. Even if she wasn't doing quite what you wanted her too they are perfect! What photo editor do you use again? I need to get my butt in gear and start using my nice camera more. Bummer about the nap strike! At least she is taking some quiet time. Oh and you still suck for having children sleeping through the night. Just sayin'.

I love your number 10!! :)

Peyton's Pages said...

Lindsay, when I'm out there we can have a kid torturing picture taking playdate. :) I use CS3. I used PW's seventies action for these. I'm loving that action. Noah isn't sleeping through the night...

Anonymous said...
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