Sunday, September 5, 2010

Noah Thomas

From Levi to Tristan to possibly Miles to Niall...

Noah was born via c-section Sept. 1st. 9 lbs 21 inches. I'm so glad that I went with a c/s. Recovery has been much, much easier. I overdid it yesterday, and my incision has been burning today, but I'm feeling pretty good. Noah has been a champion sleeper with first 5 days, but aren't all newborns? I'm hoping he stays a good sleeper. 

Peyton loves him. It's great. She has held him a few times, and shows no signs of jealousy when I'm holding or feeding him. I'm sure having Cory home, and my mom and Riley here has helped out a lot. She is busy running around with her cousin. 

I'm enjoying the newborn stage a lot more this time around. I'm not as nervous or emotional as I was with Peyton. I'm enjoying holding a sleepy floppy baby. He is so sweet, and I love his round little head. 

We actually haven't taken many pictures. Cory brought the video camera in to the OR so we have video, and a couple of video camera shots of his first day rather than pictures. Here's some pictures of the last few days.

Our last family picture with just one outside baby. 

Getting prepped for my c/s

In the OR

Peyton meeting Noah for the first time. She was interested for about 2 seconds.

Day 2 in the hospital

Getting ready to go. 4 days old

I don't know why I am even posting this... I guess so you can have a good laugh. So happy to be leaving!

Trying to get Peyton to hold baby Noah... a little skeptical at first.

Showing her his little bitty hands. She liked that, and warmed up to the idea of holding him.

Sweet big sister kisses.

We went to the park for a little while last night. I was so sick of being inside, and Peyton was pretty wild, so she needed to burn off some energy. 

I only had one lady talk to me and judge me about having Noah out already. I figured no one would want to hold him or touch him, so we'd be good to go. That 45 minutes of outside time was fantastic for me. I totally over did it though, and have been in a little pain today. It was worth it though.

And this afternoon. Love this little guy! 

Hopefully I'll get to update again soon. 


hillary said...

Fun! Love the pictures. Especially the one of you in the wheelchair. Ha, people need to mind their own business! Who just tells a stranger at the park what to do with their baby? Get outta here lady.

hwilson718 said...

I totally understand about getting out of the house. Asher went to church when he was 10 days old! He didn't go to the nursery he just stayed with Craig and I but I needed to get out of the house!

Noah is too cute! So happy that Peyton is doing so well with him. Isn't it funny that we worry so much about them adjusting and then it's no big deal to the girls at all- HA! mommies are just worrier :0)

Steph said...

I love the pictures, too. I like the one of you getting prepped.

We went grocery shopping when Cole was three days old so I'm no judger. She was probably just jealous because you have cuter kids.

Anyway, I love that Peyton loves her lil bro. Thanks for the update!

Cory Sayre said...

Nobody is commenting on me going down the slide on picture 13. That was a tiny slide, and it hurt my back. It takes a lot for me to get in a photoshoot picture.

Krista said...

Man, you were pregnant to the max in the first picture! What did the lady say? It's not like people were touching him and coughing in his face.

Krista said...

Cory, I like that you're doing down the slide face-first in picture 13. You're a good dad. :)