Thursday, September 9, 2010

a small update and picture comparison

Every time I say something about Noah he seems to do the opposite the next day. So far every other night has been good. Last night was the worst night yet. I'm really hoping he sleeps better tonight. His belly button cord or as Peyton calls it, his belly booger fell off today. It makes diaper changes much easier for me, but I'm a little sad that I didn't get some good pictures with it still on. Peyton has pretty much lost interest in him. She isn't mean to him at all, but she is having some listening issues, so I definitely think she is jealous a little bit. She has given him a few kisses today, but she hasn't wanted to hold him again.

They look a lot a like, huh?

Noah 8 days old

Peyton 10 days old


Krista said...

They really do look a lot alike. Are you going to buy a giant N and take a picture of it with him once a month for a year? I loved that you did that with Peyton.

Peyton's Pages said...

I want really want to.. I need to find a cool N. Cory's mom bought Peyton her P when she lived in Ireland. Let me know if you see one.

The Stachurskis said...

The DO look a lot alike! ha! He is so stinkin cute Kim. I want to bite his cheeks. Newborn sleep, not looking forward to it again. If you find any ways to help out with the sibling jealousy stuff let me know! I'll do my best at searching for some ideas for the both of us!

Holly McKnight said...

Hey Kim! There are those letters at Anthropology for 15.00.

They do look a lot a like! Hope he sleeps through the night for you guys tonight!

Steph said...

I think he looks a lot like her, too. Although he looks like he's at least a month old here! What a cutie!

Quilted YaYa said...

He's absolutely Beautiful! So precious!