Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ten on tuesday!

1. Sorry I haven't been blogging much. I just really haven't had much to say. Noah went through a growth spurt last week. That was pretty tough. It's hard to feed a baby every 1.5-2 hours when you have a 2 year old that still needs a lot of help. 

2. Noah is already getting little michelin man arms. I'm embracing his chunkiness. It bothered me when people called Peyton fat when she was a baby. I was way more sensitive about a lot of things with Peyton though. I could have banged my head against the wall every time I heard someone say how much she looked like Cory. ha. I guess it was because I grew her for 39 weeks, had to give birth to her, and then all I heard was how much she didn't look like me. boo. haha.

3. I really think that Noah is going to be in 3-6 month clothes in a few weeks, so the weather needs to get another 10 degrees cooler!

This is a 0-3 gap onesie. It's getting a little snug. 

3 weeks 5 days

4. Peyton loves Stuart Little 2. She will actually sit through the entire movie. Did you know Hugh Laurie is the dad in it? pretty funny. 

5. I can't wait until Krista gets here! I miss my Cali friends. 

6. I'm not going home for Thanksgiving this year. We are planning a trip to Cali in the spring though. This is going to be the longest stretch of time that I haven't seen my family. 

7. I love when Peyton sings. She always messes up the end of songs, and I love it. 

8. I also love when she does somersaults, and dances. 

9. Cory and I watched, The Road, the other night. It was horrible. I had to watch a happy movie before I went to bed, so I could stop thinking about it.

10. I don't want to wish away Noah's little baby days, but man, I can't wait until he is a little more predictable. It looks like it's going to be a rough day. He is usually so easy, sleeps well, eats well, and is content just chilling anywhere, but somedays he just will not stay asleep, and eating is just all over the place. Of course Peyton is usually having an off day at the same time. 


Krista said...

1. Exactly. You've got other things to do.

2. I can never tell who babies look like, except in the Hartman family, when they all look like Lori. But I really do think that Noah looks a lot like Peyton did. I love his fat little cheeks.

3. If it's still warm, I think the presents I'm bringing him are short-sleeved. Actually, that's not true. One is and one isn't.

4. Oh, Stuart Little.

5. I can't wait! 22 days!

6. Sad! :( But it will make your spring visit way, way better.

7/8. Those videos are too cute! I love how she just stands there and smiles near the end of the first one, and the way she flips in the second one.

9. I want to read that book, but I heard it's pretty much depressing.

10. Newborn days are hard. I remember them with Charisse.

Erica said...

i started watching that first video & sean ran over & had to watch it and laughed the whole time (he thought it was cute). then we watched the 2nd video & he started dancing with peyton. it was adorable. oh and if i watch a movie i don't like then i ALWAYS have to watch a happy movie before bed... and i word it that way too... so funny!

Steph said...

1. Don't worry, I understand.

2. I am also embracing my chunkiness.

3. Dang, big one!

4. My kids love that movie! I think it's kinda clever myself.

5. We miss you!

6. Poo.

7. So cute! She's adorable.

8. Ha, I love it when she dances with her upper body only.

9. I do that too when a movie or a show creeps me out.

10. Hope your day is going well!

The Stachurskis said...

I can totally relate with you on the babies not lookin like you. I mean really, WE cooked these kids, had all of the wonderful pain that goes along with pregnancy and then had to go thru labor only to have the children come out looking like mini-daddies. I really really really hope this baby comes out a little darker. I mean is it too much to ask for some dark brown hair? HA! The only thing H got from me was my chunkiness. :) Peyton is so stinkin funny I could squeeze her! Depending where we get stationed next we will probably see you in the Spring! :) YAY! Have fun with Krista! So jealous!