Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ten on tuesday!

1. Last night I gave Noah his first bath. I figured it was time. I think Peyton had already had a few baths by the time she was 2 weeks old. I had a much easier time bathing him than I did bathing Peyton for the first time. I guess all the jitters are gone.

2. The weather is still in the 90s, but the humidity isn't as bad and the nights are cool, so it's actually bearable. Last night I took Peyton on a walk and the temperature was perfect. I could have been wearing pants or shorts, short sleeves or long sleeves.

3. Peyton is currently having her own little dance party with her rolling pin. Every once in a while she'll knock herself in the head with it, and laugh. weirdo. She loves the Be Ok song that I have on the blog.

4. Today

5.  Have I ever mentioned that Peyton calls her poop "caterpillars"? 

6. Daragan has pink eye or something. It's disgusting, and she's been banished to the backyard. I hope it clears up soon. It's always something with her.

7. Did anyone watch the Bachelor Pad? I was happy with who won. 

8. I hope Lane wins Big Brother. He is so funny. Do you love how my life consists of lame reality tv shows? ha. Maybe one of these days I'll have a more exciting life again.

9. I wish our house would sell, and our weeds wouldn't grow so fast.

10. We bought some Marie Calendar's pot pies, and holy moly they are super fattening. Probably should have looked at the nutrition facts before I bought a whole box at Costco. I'll continue to eat them until they are gone because I hate wasting food more than I want to lose this baby weight.


Joanna Dawson said...

The Marie Callender's pot pies are in my top favorite foods. When I discovered the calorie content I started ripping that side off the box and throwing it away immediately. Also like you said, Noah looks to me just like a boy baby Peyton.

Erica said...

LOL @ the caterpillars! haha!
those post pies have SO much fat. definitely comfort food. maybe save them for the winter ;)

Steph said...

I agree with the other ladies, pot pies are scrumptious.

Caterpillars?! Ha!

If I had tv I would watch more shows I think.

Love the new pictures at the top of your blog!

The Stachurskis said...

I love those pot pies! I never looked at the nutrition facts. :( I'm trying to find a good recipe and make my own, it really isnt' that hard especially if you use the premade pie crusts. Caterpillars! HA! That's awesome! I don't get a lot of the reality shows over here so I guess it's a blessing in some ways! ha! I didn't even know what "Bachlor Pad" was until about three or so days ago when my mom was watching it on Hulu pretending to talk to me on skype! :)