Monday, August 31, 2009

I Forgot About These

Aren't these great! Dana had a project for school she had to do, so we got to be her models. I was so excited when she asked if we we were interested in getting our picture taken. Of course I was, and Cory and Peyton put up with it too! She is so talented, and such a fun person to be around. I was so excited to find out she lived near my parents because I usually don't have the time or transportation to visit any cmc alumni that live in LA, as in Los Angeles not Louisiana. It was really foggy that night, so these aren't your typical beach pictures. Someday when I save enough pennies I'm going to print one of these on a canvas.








cory said...

i love the last one

erica said...

i love those!!!! they are great! and a great site to print professional quality photos is, it has great prices!

Joanna said...

i LOVE these photos. foggy beach shoots leave room for so much creativity!