Monday, August 24, 2009

Vacation 2.3


This was a completely spur of the moment trip, and a total blast! Everyone knows that the traffic in Cali is BAD. The Angels game we went to started at 7pm, but we knew if we left any later than 3pm we would be stuck in rush hour traffic for hours! So we tried to think of something else we could do in Anaheim before the game started since we would be pretty early. We looked into Disneyland, but it was like 100 dollars a ticket, so I mentioned Sea World, and boom goes the dynamite. My parent's had enough points to get 2 free rooms at the Hilton, so we stayed in Anaheim on monday night, and then headed to San Diego the next morning. It was pretty fantastic. It was probably 2:45pm when we left Camarillo, and I think it took us 2.5 hours to get to our hotel, so we checked in, chilled for a minute, and headed to the game. blah, blah, blah... Tuesday was breakfast at Denny's, and then SEA WORLD!

Ready for an exciting day!


My 10 year old dreams instantly came back as soon as we sat down to watch the first show. I want to be a dolphin trainer at sea world again. :) So fun! We were sitting in the splash zone, so I had my camera packed away. We didn't get a single drop of water on us though.So sad, no dolphin pictures. I did get a picture of Peyton before the show started though.


Next was the Shamu show. We were in the splash zone here as well, but I took my chances. Once again we didn't get a drop of water on us. yay!


Watching the Shamu show. Notice the remnants of her Angels tattoo. oh well.





A little nap in the stroller.



Her white sandals were pinching her feet, so she went shoeless almost the entire day. Gross to some, but comfy for Peyton. Stop judging, she wasn't crawling all around or anything. :)




I have no idea what is happening in this picture, but it look like we were having fun.



erica said...

i have not been to sea world in YEARS! i bet it was a lot of fun... sean would love it!

cory said...

thanks for exposing my california acne.

hillary said...

how fun. i love sea world. its great.

Ash said...

Aww. I can't wait to take Jordan to SW!